Tedros not a medical doctor but a DR of corruption and a WEF controlled puppet. He works with arguably the biggest mass murderers the world has seen. Fauci and Gates.

It's NO Virus for sure for me

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Hi Sam, I am 78 years old and am in good health and have refused all covid vaccines.

Last year I fell ill with vomiting, diarrhoea, chills, and weakness. I took a "lateral flow antigen test" which came up positive. I immediately took Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin horse paste ( which I had available in my medicine cupboard)

I completely recovered after three days, and the test went negative after ten days.

I have a copy of your book "Virus Mania" and completely accept that there is no such thing as a virus.

My question is what made me ill ? A bacteria perhaps ?

Nigel Reilly, 44 Bond's Lodge, Hill Street, Coventry, CV1 4GZ U.K. nreilly767@gmail.com

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Went over to Dr McCullough's substack to post this info from your post today but... you can't comment there unless you're a paid subscriber. Here's Dr Mc's post today to seemingly promote more vaxx ??

His substack post today > Countermeasures for Marburg Virus Disease - Variety of Therapeutics and Vaccines are Considered - Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ - 3 hr ago

Interesting to me that docs like McCullough & Doc Malone prevent comments UNLESS you pay them.

TY Dr Sam for everything that you & Mark, Tom & Andy et all are doing to educate us re: no virus. & the germ theory/terrain theroy. Just fyi - Mike Wallach's The Viral Delusion blew me away when I watched the entire 5-part documentary last summer. Excellent documentary on the history of virology.

Posting this here for your readers who may not have watched it yet >

> The Viral Delusion Part 1 Behind The Curtain of The PLANdemic & The Pseudoscience of SARS-COV-2 Watch Part 1 here > https://www.bitchute.com/video/lSSlS7acUhXa/

First published at 19:34 UTC on March 23rd, 2022. by Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark

[21.03.2022] "When doctor Andrew Kaufman began reading the first virology papers out of Wuhan in December 2019, he was shocked to discover that the scientists had come nowhere close to proving that a new virus had emerged… yet saw the media and authorities already claiming a viral pandemic was on it’s way.

In this extraordinarily revealing opening episode, a group of biologists, chemists, doctors and journalists take apart the SARS-COV-2 narrative piece by piece - from the non-isolation of the virus, to the hidden problems with purported photographs of the virus, to the claims that it has been genetically sequenced, to the invalidity of the PCR "covid-test."

From the treatment protocols for COVID to the assumption of its transmission, Episode One unpacks the science of the claims that changed the world - in which these doctors and scientists make the case that every single claim the authorities made about the so-called SARS-COV2 virus has been based not on evidence, but pseudoscience."

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Apr 11, 2023Liked by Dr Sam Bailey

The “HERE” is not a link, unless it’s not supposed to be

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To achieve their aims they didn't need a thing (SarsCov2) - all they needed was a 'test kit' which told mainly healthy people who may have had a slight cold (or a bit of the majik vanished 'flu?) that they were unwell with the non-existant thing called SarsCov2. Simple. No 'thing' required, just a 'test kit' with printed instructions telling you you are 'sick'.

Reminds me of a moment from The Goon Show "Roll up your trouser legs!" "Look!! Bare knees!!!" "Oh heck! Quick! Run away from the knees!!"

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The fabrication of a controversy over "early treatments" from the start of the operation is intended to invent parallel narratives and stop all other narratives from getting out of the gate.

Installing the controversy on how to "treat" this alleged "new disease" served to concretize the narrative that a "novel disease" existed and that the "novel pathogen" which caused this disease was in fact a real problem requiring political and medical measures rather than an invented control narrative.

This phony world of Potemkin logic assured that no one would bother to check the "truth of the fact"- had a new disease in fact appeared and was there proof of this novel pathogen?

This leads us to two competing thesis:

1) A serious new disease has arrived against which we have no medical defense until the savior vaccine arrives;

2) A serious new disease has arrived that one could, and could have, treat(ed) were it not for the underhanded efforts by the authorities who brought us thesis #1.

That thesis #2 has been seized upon and catapulted by individuals who are then portrayed as "rogue anti-establishment doctors" and administrative types who quickly become the face of the "health freedom movement" seems to be more than an unlikely coincidence.

This dynamic serves to disallow and/or marginalize alternative theories and mutes the abundant evidence that there was in fact no new pathogen of any sort.

A quote:

It was a question of making the idea of the imaginary disease exist even in the mind of the recalcitrant portion of the population, by providing them with the protest rattles that they could wave at their leisure - the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, the effectiveness of ivermectin, the ineffectiveness of masks, the ineffectiveness of " vaccines."

We thus showed that we were treating the imaginary disease with exactly the same method as that which had made it possible to establish its existence, making the posthumous pride of Monsieur de Münchhausen.to have been able to inspire so much beautiful science.

The accepted medical science of "early treatments" of a non-existent disease rests on the same foundation as the invention of this non-existent disease. Therefore it too is invalid.

The authors of the "official" government narrative- thesis #1- and those of the alternative "health freedom" narrative- thesis #2- are, in the end, likely to become "strange bedfellows" and not real adversaries under these conditions, as both validate the imaginary disease by different means.

Thus it is hard to imagine that we arrive at a place much different, if these are to be the "accepted" and "hotly contested" narratives, regardless of which of the 2 theses "wins the day."

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It is very clear that science has not demonstrated what it defines as virus. A repeated lie for over decades has indoctrinated us into believing in virus causing particular diseases.

For the layman/laywoman the definition of virus is put aside as, he has the "evidence" of its existence based on dealing with the illness plus the opinion of so called "experts". Confusion is added with other set of "experts" like historians and vaccinologists whom attribute a "scientifically proven solution to historic health problems.

For the indoctrinated clinician who barely researches about the foundation of virology, he/she is very much focused on diagnosis and treatment/prevention.

For the highly specialized and scattered virologist (59 centers concentrate all them) who is in high competition with his/her peers around the world focused on their reputation, and awards that will yield funding; they tend to overlook the scientific methodology for convenience or complacence or giving up to pressures of interest groups.

This pyramidal construction of a societal lie becomes difficult to deconstruct. But I agree it is the most important duty of us that understand the issue.

We should not get discouraged yet it will be very difficult to achieve spectacular success.

As Carl Sagan used to say: "One of the sadder lessons of history is: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we reject any evidence of the bamboozle.

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Should the "virus model" someday entirely collapse, what would WHO pivot to for their outrageous pandemic nonsense? Pseudo bacteria?

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Mikki Willis gives me the willies. He is quite literally an actor...as are many in the so-called health freedom movement (Bigtree, Adams, Martin, Kennedy, etc). The entire corrupt pharma-medical industrial complex is based upon its capacity to invent an endless series of illusory diseases. That capacity is dependent on the cult-like belief in germ theory. The role of these actors is to protect germ theory at all costs. Once the fraud is recognized, it becomes clear that no greater mass murder has ever existed, as people all over the earth are dying every hour of every day for well more than a century.

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There is the one hive mind narrative which is false and it is of fear but I dont think we should worry about the media metaverse /unreality and what it permits, those looking for the truth will find it.

This is what happens when the scientific method, discussion and civilized polite debate is dropped in a field, you get this dogma("political science"haha) encompassing conditioned minds .

The person that specializes in Santa studies protects the lie as they would their very self.

Key to breaking the lie that is virology is deeper... to awaken people to their being, when you spread the truth with love( not anger/ego) you are bringing in something else with reasoning. And people who listen to you can feel that love . Do not worry about the outcome, its important the HOW you do it ( debunk fear dogma). Consciously .

The truth is out there but only those not in the grip of fear will listen to it.

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Thank you, Dr. Bailey. Interesting that there are even some here in this comment section propagating viruses. Guess you have been infected by the devious WHOdoneit.

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it's interesting that you use Queen's Show Must Go On music, given that Freddie died of AIDS which was fraudulently ascribed to the mythical HIV.

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Thank you dear real Doctors,

The AMA was the beginning of the PUSH for the "medicine man" MOJO, tainted with synethic stuff made from "petroleum" concocted by William and John D Rocketfellers (fast killer MONEY gang!) dabbling in chemical medicine at most of THEIR donated Universities such as...

but not limited to....

Harvard University

Dartmouth College

Princeton University

University of California, Berkeley

Stanford University

Yale University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Brown University

Tufts University

Columbia University

Cornell University

University of Pennsylvania


Bureau of Social Hygiene in 1913 (Junior)

International Health Division in 1913

China Medical Board in 1915.



Who had a really "BIG $AY" in going FROM natural medicine (which is the ONLY real medicine) to """chemical""" man made POISON to the humans, and animals (seeing they were SUPPOSED to be "TESTED" on first,) which is being BY-PASSED, which is TOTALLY AGAINST ALL LAWFUL LAWS!

How many humans should take a few DROPS of PETROLEUM each day to ward away. . . .

"dead matter secreted from a diseased cell?"

Answer: only those who recommend that STUFF!

I call that ... "Only those who want other people / animals to take the "hair of the dog that BIT someone," retribution!

Auto-Pay-Back for even attempting to suggest putting POISONS into a human organism!

And Dr. Ana, on .substack.com is recommending....EDTA.... which is... copied and pasted from link bellow ....... added EMPHASIS ADDED with ** **

"EDTA Chelation is a type of chelation therapy that involves intravenously injecting EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), a **synthetic or man-made,** amino acid that binds and removes metals and minerals. It was first used in the 1950s for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning."


". . . Other side effects that have been reported in patients taking some forms of EDTA have included:


Chills, fever, or headache

Blood clot in a vein

Lower levels of magnesium and potassium in the blood

Diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea


Abnormal calcium levels in the blood

Insulin shock

Irregular heartbeats, which can be severe

Low blood pressure


Aching joints

EDTA supplements may interfere with medicines you are taking. EDTA can interact with:


Coumadin (warfarin)

EDTA can also interact with diuretics (water pills). It may lead to dangerously low potassium levels. This can cause severe, irregular heartbeats. Make sure your doctor knows if you are taking any of these medicines.

Talk to your doctor before taking EDTA if you take any medicines or have any medical conditions:



Heart problems

Kidney disease

Liver disease, including hepatitis

Low levels of calcium, magnesium, or potassium

Seizure disorders



SO UN-Natural man-made STUFF being recommended by people whom call themselves "medical professional.... healers"?

I call that "delusional!"

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Apr 11, 2023·edited Apr 11, 2023

Of interest to those following the toxicity of vaccinations, here is a link to the CDC's vaccine "excipient" list. You will notice the toxic chemicals contained in most vaccines. I first learned of this list in 2017, and downloaded the PDF at that time. The current list (2021) has been modified to make the ingredients seem less harmful.

In 2017, Varicella (Varivax) contained Human embryonic lung cell cultures, guinea pig cell cultures, 2 types of human diploid cell cultures, and fetal bovine serum, plus many chemicals including monosodium L-glutamate, EDTA, and neomycin. Compare that to the list of excipient ingredients today.

in 2018, Zoster (Shingrix) contained many horrible chemicals, as well as Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell proteins. Today's excipient list now names these as "host cell proteins."


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New, Fake Variant ‘Arcturus,’ COVID variant eyed by the WHO, appears to have a new symptom... "Sequenced from sewage in your toilet" https://finance.yahoo.com/news/arcturus-highly-transmissible-covid-variant-004116935.html

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I love yer work Dr Sam (and Co) but what about Shingles, what about Herpes - what are these?

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