The Shame of Syphilis


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As we documented in Virus Mania, the medico-pharmaceutical industry specialises in inventing epidemics that enrich and benefit a small number of beneficiaries at the expense of the general population.

The COVID-19 Fraud and other fake pandemics such as the ‘Avian Flu‘ have been sold to the public as outbreaks of disease from imaginary viruses. However, once in a while there are attempts to resurrect an old disease that is claimed to be caused by a bacterium.

One of these is the widely-feared disease syphilis and the alleged infectious “pathogen” Treponema pallidum. We have seen that Koch postulates have never been fulfilled for any microbe so how did syphilis (like gonorrhoea) become known as a sexually transmitted infection? In this video we examine the key scientific evidence, including the inconvenient mid-1900s human transmission experiments that have been swept under the carpet. We will also open up the Tuskegee Experiment files and reveal how the incident is being used to gaslight the public in the present era in order to keep them on the allopathic medical plantation.

Full show notes and related videos HERE.

Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor who makes health podcasts on questions from her viewers. She researches and covers common medical conditions, but will also tackle controversial health issues. Dr Bailey is co-author of the book ”Virus Mania.”
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