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Drs Bailey Q&A 30 November 2023


In this episode we address the following:

  • Bacterial Toxins (13:18)

  • How to clean your face without soap (17:06)

  • How to eliminate herpes outbreaks (21:11)

  • Organic apricot kernels/Vitamin B17 (24:13)

  • Is hydrochloric acid a byproduct of sodium bicarbonate (28:46)

  • Hand, foot and mouth disease – transmission (37:54)

  • Chronic myeloid leukaemia treatment and the role o…

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Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor who makes health podcasts on questions from her viewers.
She is the co-author of "The Final Pandemic, "Terrain Therapy" and "Virus Mania."