COVID Crackdown - NZ Update


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In the last four years we have witnessed the “authorities” going all out to cover up the COVID-19 fraud. Pointing out flaws in the scientific evidence has resulted in accusations of spreading “misinformation” or even being struck off.

Just when things appeared to be cooling off with COVID-19, New Zealand whistleblower Barry Young released a secret dataset containing information about vaccination status and death rates. In response the NZ government has cracked down once again as they scramble to hold together the “safe and effective” mantra.

However, will ignoring the upstream fraud while focussing so heavily on the COVID shots bring about any real change? In this video we examine the much wider issues and there will also be an update on the establishment’s war against Dr Sam!

Show notes and related videos HERE.

Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor who makes health podcasts on questions from her viewers.
She is the co-author of "The Final Pandemic, "Terrain Therapy" and "Virus Mania."