Considering the chain of events and the way they unfolded makes me believe that was completely planned from start to finish. The derailment, the lack of any Federal response, the refusal of the rail company to work with the response team and the blatant criminality of lighting the fire and the lack of any response of the administration to those crimes, and the failure of any federal agencies to visit the site for 22 days seems to be the modus operandi for government agencies when criminally involved in disasters.

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Seems to me that greed is behind most problems in this world. Also that so called authorities and governments are behind and supporting and hiding this greed and its consequences.

That is why I am an anarchist . No more rulers . No executive power for any leaders. Decentralise .

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Calling Eric Francis Coppolino an agent is *despicable*, given the amount of work he has done exposing the "COVID" scam.


Was the Netflix movie 'White Noise' predictive programming? Last August, a film was released depicting a train wreck and a toxic release in Ohio. This is exciting for those who believe that this kind of coincidence is a clue to a grand plan. Eric Francis Coppolino, 2/78/23.

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The WHO should be renamed The World Sickness Organisation.

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@Dr. Sam,

I absolutely love, love, LOVE you and your work and that of your husband as well. I have literally zero criticism of either of you, which is exceedingly rare because I am hyper-critical of my information sources.

That being said... PLEASE. Be careful with this issue. This is going to fast become "Covid 2.0"... but even worse!

Dioxins are present *literally* everywhere on the planet. Even in the most remote forests. It's in every form of precipitation.

This guy was introduced via the "no-virus" camp (of which I am 100% a part of), and is now suddenly thrust to the fore by Mike Adams. Sadly, it seems Mike is being positioned to lead the charge on this new narrative. The perfect choice.

This is going to lead to a whole new cycle of fear, death, testing and control systems. With a fake test that is easy to dial up & down and use as a way to remove people from their land and prevent them from growing food.

The test will be set with ridiculously low tolerances, such that no place on Earth will be able to pass. They will blame everything under the sun, from train wrecks to BBQ grills, campfires, etc.

My dad, and his 9 siblings, ate agent orange / DDT sprayed berries along the rail track near their home in the 60s. They all had healthy, normal children... of which I am one.

I used to heat PVC in my kitchen to a point, I've know learned, that released dioxins and furans. That was 15 years ago, and I'm healthier now than I was then. In tip top athletic shape, actually.

Furans are in baby food, they are created when you make coffee in an espresso machine or any of those little plastic cup quick makers (which probably also produce dioxins).

They do not test for dioxins, anywhere.... ever... because they are everywhere.. forever.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not buy into this new pysop!!

Thank you for listening, much love & respect.

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Feb 28, 2023·edited Mar 1, 2023

Only problem with this story is the gratuitous Eric Francis Coppolino promotion ( same story as Google - you havent fully investigated him or known him for long). EFC did not expose covid19- he popped up later befriending key popular de bunkers AFTER convid was debunked. Its called controlled opposition.

Distracting with dioxin ( die oxin). Dioxins in everything. Volcanoes and forest fires will also emit it, animals will store in in their flesh. No need to make it into a new thing to fear . Or distract people with false flags. Inner pollution leads to outer pollution.

The East Palestine event was a false flag( I imagine Eric C the controlled opposition agent would be on it haha) . It got many on board the idea of biometric chips, MyID, lets local residents purchase " unique QR codes that hold their personal medical information."

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Turns out I live less than 2km from Australia's largest dioxin polluters: 50+ years of Timbrol & Union Carbide chemical manufacturing at Rhodes, Sydney, including Agent Orange for the US military, the waste from which was unceremoniously backfilled straight into Homebush Bay so the companies could reclaim land and expand their industrial site. They say it was remediated between 1997-2005, but the NO FISHING signs remain in Homebush Bay to this very day.


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I watched the first 4/5 minutes of this video and then stopped. I have two questions and perhaps they are addressed later in the interview. Maybe someone who has watched it all could tell me if this is so and I will then resume watching.

My questions are these:

1. What is Mr. Coppollino's source for his assertion that the event he describes actually occurred?

2. If it is not first hand, i.e. he did not witness the derailment himself and investigate the contents of the train personally, what evidence does he have for his various assertions?

I like Sam Bailey and I find it hard to believe that she would be taken in if this event is fake. But I am open-minded enough to consider all possibilities, including one that says Mr Coppolinio is legit and another that suggests the whole thing is a scam.

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Monsanto HAS TO GO!!

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Anybody have more information on the two companies (names begin with letter "I") / Blackrock-owned who are seeking to pull up the tracks in EPalestine to get at the cobalt? Seems this goes deeper than the dioxin contamination...

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If you don't bother watching the film WHITE NOISE (from 25 to 33 minutes in) that was filmed a few months prior to this CONSTRUCTED NEWS EVENT, at the same location, then you will possibly be fooled that this is a real crisis. It certainly isn't . As any adult should be aware , administration does not work in the manner portrayed.

I am not wasting any more time on this topic, as I've already posted a lot about it on SAMs Odyssey page, where 95% of her viewers have proven themselves cretins so far. Which is really disappointing considering the field of her interests and work.

Either do some actual research , or it's best to keep quite about it until you've something valid to say.

SAMs had a week to confront this matter , yet seems too busy, aloof or confused by fear mongering propagandists to bother to do so yet. I hope she wakes up to what is really going on and how the creepy character being interviewed above (from BERKLEY intel !) is either unobservant, some Zionist controlled opposition, or too busy pushing his fear mongering wagon to care.

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Reinforces my belief that there are no safe amounts of chemicals or drugs that can be absorbed by the body without some type of damage. I trust nothing the government or medical mainstream experts say.

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I have been watching this episode and the lack of action from government. Like all who are interested what made railroad athourities burn the carrages? I did find chlorella on line to be a chelator of existing dioxins in the body and therefore may help in this case. But "to get the hell out of there as far away as possible" is great advise. What concerns me the most is the mighty Mississipi river that goes the length of America and I can see it on the map pretty close to this region .

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Thank you Sam appreciate you immensely.

Your friend Debra LaMarre

using my house mates substack I'm not Daniel

Ms.dlamarre@gmail.com 👈 me

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Feb 28, 2023·edited Feb 28, 2023

The mycologist Paul Stamets was sort of bragging he was working with DARPA some years ago, so it really makes you wonder, why would DARPA be interested in mycoremediation? Gosh, what happens when the goverment thinks, or truly can, afford to remediate land that they themselves poisoned, to acquire the land. Stamets has been so very silent recently, after all his bragging. And I used to support the guy, but have to wonder now who's side he's on.

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The video mentions Shapiro as governor of Pennsylvania but according to Wikipedia he is Josh Shapiro, not John Shapiro as per title when a picture of him comes up.

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