What You Need To Know About Dioxin


Eric Coppolino is an experienced investigative New York based journalist, who has an incredible history of exposing scientific fraud and environmental pollution cover-ups. One of his earliest career breaks was his exposure of the dumping of dioxin in the Love Canal. He has also been documenting the COVID-19 fraud with his comprehensive COVID Chronology

The recent East-Palestine train derailment disaster has meant he is back working around the clock to get vital information out to the public.

We talked about:

  • The East-Palenstine, Ohio train derailment

  • What dioxin is and how it is made

  • Health effects of dioxin

  • Previous dioxin disasters & agent orange

  • What the people of East-Palenstine, Ohio need to do

  • Dioxin treatments

and much more!

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