The problem is all of the parrots masquerading as alternate view points against the coof still legitimising something that doesn't exist.... all of this is way too much information for your average normie out there.... they all still think they're getting the coof when the weather changes and they suddenly get sick or their kids come home in detox and they suddenly come down with coof diarrhea for example. Dumb all over.

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Yes, indeedie.

I'd suggest that a LOT of things we think are pathogenic diseases are actually EMF's... Boom.

Ever read "The Invisible Rainbow"? Anyone seeing this comment could answer... It's an amazing book and is incredibly well-documented, citation out the waaaahzoo... Like the Fauci book by RFK, Jr. And really interesting and sort of mind-blowing, too!

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Perhaps, but as a retired radio/electronics engineer, better versed in all things RF and the EMF, it was initially hard to accept these things being harmful, as it was our job for years. However, even in the 70s at Uni we were taught to avoid exposure, specifically to microwave radiation (1-10GHZ) which is the band our wifi and mobile phones mostly work but back then was only used in link equipment on high towers hence harmless to the general public. But it's the power radiated from mobile phones and microwave ovens that's the concern. Certainly a damaged microwave oven operating at 2.4GHz can generate/leak a LOT of microwave energy and I ensure the door seals of ours are always clean. The strength of the leaked RF from a bad/old oven can be 100x that from your wifi router or mobile phone, although these heavy appliances are only running a few minutes of the day, whereas that phone is in your pocket. If you're a longer distance from a celltower, the device pushes up the phones transmit power which would in theory could be a concern to health. Basically, if your phone is getting warm whilst talking, I'd be worried. I tend to use wired headphones to any mobile device and place it away from my body whilst talking.

RF and 'grounding' is also somewhat related. In recent times, we have been trying out the 'grounding' technique pushed by some fringe groups. As an experiment, I starting with grounding via new silver-embedded bedsheets/pillows at night, since in terms of radio frequencies, the raw theory behind this odd practice appears strange, but is actually technically sound and can do no harm, perhaps some good... Hope this helps.

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Thanks! ^_^

I would recommend that you read "The Invisible Rainbow." It's highly backed up with copious citation. This is information that is obviously suppressed, for over a century, because, money, typically.

I am a science respecter, and I've read plenty of science on this. Cheers.

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Actually much of what I've read on 5G dangers online is often over-dramatised and Firstenberg would seem to be more a journalist than a real scientist or RF engineer with practical expertise to call upon. To me, power and field strength density is everything if we're talking safety, which he and most others just ignore. I accept some people appear more sensitive than others. We are partly electrical, so there is logic behind the fact that RF/electricity may be slightly toxic or occassionaly benefit some animals or species. We don't really know for sure. Personally, what the US military is likely doing with microwaves and 5G is dangerous and more of a concern to me, since their systems am told run at immense powers compared to commercial systems. But it pays to play safe, hence simple precausions with phones and grounding is worthwhile I think. It's all very interesting and needs to be debated. Enough ranting. Thanks.

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Firstenberg is a doctor. As I said, "The Invisible Rainbow" is chock-full of citation. It's hardly "over-dramatized," and you seem not to really understand that Earth, and also the creatures of Earth, have a "frequency" that is endemic to this planet... I didn't know all about these things without reading stuff, either... Point being, we are being slowly cooked. If you want to consider the fact that the military is doing things with microwaves and 5G, AND SO ARE OTHER ENTITIES, and that it's ALL affecting the plants, the critters, the insects, and people-- basically, everything-- and also affecting the EARTH'S OWN vibes, if you will, you will perhaps understand that EMF's are everywhere, and are proliferating at an alarming rate, and have ALWAYS been dangerous, since people first began screwing around with them. It SHOULD be debated, but that is unlikely, at least right now, because even things like virology are not allowed to be debated in the public forum...

No, there is much fuckery going on, and that's just a fact. You are not required to believe anything I say, but it behooves us all to look at all sides of any given issue. You can take my advice or not. Good Woof, and Good Luck.

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See if you can still find Barrie Trower on YouTube talking about 5G and the weaponising of various frequencies. He came from UK black projects and was pretty old in the interviews from some time ago....

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Exactly. That's why the came up with covid in the first place. "Three generations of imbeciles are enough." Few lines from U.S. Supreme Court opinions are as memorable as this declaration by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. in the landmark 1927 case Buck v. Bell. The ruling allowed states to forcibly sterilize residents in order to prevent "feebleminded and socially inadequate" people from having children. https://www.ali.org/news/articles/three-generations-no-imbeciles/

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Yes, eugenics goes waaay back. American as apple pie. Unfortunately, they're still at it.

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Uneducated, which isn’t dumb but very fixable. Our world needs educators on all areas of life. I’ve been a health care professional for 30 plus years and lack of education and awareness is the foundational problem.

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Well, Dr. Sam, here is where I have to disagree with you. While it's certainly true that the germ theory is bullshit, and that we all have suffered under its propaganda for over a hundred years, it's also true that "pathogens" actually do exist. In fact, they run virtually every government on Earth--and, what's more, I can prove it! Seriously, tho, many of us in the field of Natural Health (I'm a Traditional Naturopath) have known this about "germs" and the monster Pasteur all along. But then, who listens to us? We're just behind the scenes, teaching people to get and be well via pure natural food and life-positive lifestyle--y'know, things Rockefeller-Big Pharma MDs have never (yet) been trained to do.

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Did you notice absolutely NO mainstream discussion on natural remedies? It was Pharma, Pharma, Pharma, Pharma. No one saw that as a little bit odd?

Take this blatant example: "Instagram blocks 'natural immunity' hashtag" https://www.theblaze.com/news/natural-immunity [backup https://archive.is/yD6rV ]

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Thanks for this, Jon. Didn't know this. Wikipedia ("wicked-pedia") has, for many years, been saying all manner of negative things about virtually anything in Natural Medicine. As only one tiny example, type in Deepak Chopra. Or, try Iridology. It's still an uphill battle. But the day will come when genuine balance will occur in the field of health. I figure the place of pharma medicine in the general health field is about 5% of its current role. That's all it's really work--I think.

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Cheers, you not only had the scoop, but a sense of humor, too! ;)

And some of us DO listen to Naturopaths. Hold fast, I think your practice will soon see some jumps in visits!

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What has happened here is the Corona psyop included controlled opposition assets such as Andrew Kaufman who lead with the truth: Corona doesn't exist, but then acted as a pied piper to lead people who figured that out and had an independent platform such as Dr. Bailey off a cliff into a psyop that "no viruses exist" which discredits the truth about Corona. Dr. Bailey needs to recognize she's been manipulated by people who pretended to be her friends.

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I now know why 'gestapo nh' is an anagram of 'pathogens'!!

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That was a really good video. Can this information ever get to the general public in a way they will accept and take onboard. ?

i know in New Zealand it will take a long time , sadly. The great majority of the population have been so brainwashed and dumbed down, courtesy of jack ardhern and the latest bimbo who can't even define what a woman is - that they seem impervious to reason.

I sold my Tauranga lifestyle block and left the country...went to Sth America to escape the madness. I never took the jab. ... broke my heart to go really but in 2020 the writing was on the wall, and I wanted out before they made that impossible. I couldn't bear it.. Such division and hostility and bitterness, amongst a lot of friends and even family was already widespread...

But with Drs Bailey and their associates maybe there is hope. It is almost inconcievable the lies and deception the pharmaceutical mafia have been getting away with.

I spread this information to whoever I can. I've read Virus Mania - hopefully many more will too.

Keep up the fantastic work.........and stay safe.....

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If you think people are dumbed down in NZ, try Murka. ;) But it's sad. Really, and I am hoping that we that are able to take this in can help enlighten those who are still in the dark... Cheers.

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Comment deleted
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Yeah... The Five Eyes are targeted because we're the "problem." Too much freedom and wealth. O_O

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Excellent well explained video! It's so obviously a fraud, otherwise virologists would of have done hundreds or thousands of contagion experiments. The fact that they haven't done contagion via the natural route with convid is so telling.

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This is interesting. I am fully on board regarding the non-existence of viruses. Bacteria of course do exist. If some of them are not causative agents of some disease, how do antibiotics work? I recently suffered a near fatal sepsis illness which was stopped by antibiotics. The fever was caused by a bladder infection as a result of a catheter. Help please Sam and Mark.

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Dr Tom Cowan addressed this, in at least one of his talks (if not many).

The waste of bacteria is toxic to us. A little bit of bacteria is not an issue as our bodies are designed to handle it. However, when we have more serious issues going on in our bodies, we get a lot more bacteria to help remediate the problem(s). Then, all the waste of the bacteria gets us sick ("infection"). How antibiotics can help in extreme cases is by killing off the number of bacteria, which reduces the amount of their toxic waste, which in turn makes us feel better.

Obviously, the healthier someone is (nutrition/diet, fresh air/sunshine/nature, exercise etc) the less bacteria are needed, then less likely to have an overload of bacteria.

Another example Dr Tom gave (I believe correlating to the bacteria overload issue?) was re surgery: eg someone with an extreme lung infection may end up with an overload of bacteria, scar tissue etc. Though surgery isn't a first choice, in a severe case, having surgery to remove a lot of that bad stuff CAN help restore the body more quickly.

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Good job, you explained it well!

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Thanks fo

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Thank you for summarizing some of Tom Cowan's explanation of the relationship between bacteria and occassional illnesses.

Another facet Dr. Cowan discussed is anorexic bacteria; like all other bacteria, they act as cleanup crew in carrying away or recycling debris from dying cell decomposition, but must survive under low oxygen conditions. Anorexic bacteria produce waste that is much more toxic than the wastes of normal oxygen-nourished bacteria. This is why root canal operations that leave dead teeth in place make people sick, eventually, often with life ending diseases.

I had a root canal tooth removed and in two months my caardiovascular disease and angina were healed. All gone.

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I had a similar question after a bad bout of traveler's diarrhea. I waited 5 days then took antibiotics. I later heard that had I waited 7 days the results would have been the same. I've heard antibiotics kick the bodies detox response into high hear, the cost is they redline and burnout the bodies systems. I would love to hear a more detailed explanation of what happens when someone takes anti-boitics.

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I’m on board with the no virus side as well. I admit it took me a few years but now that I’ve witnessed the Covid scam working in a nursing home I’m absolutely convinced there is no such thing as contagion.

However, years ago before becoming a nurse (age 26) I was getting over a “flu” when a friend invited me to try a new deli in SF. I had a chicken sandwich which didn’t taste right but I made myself eat it thinking I needed the meal and my taste was off due to just getting over a “flu”. Well, 8 hours later I had knives cutting into my gut and drinking a sip of water was excruciating. I suffered 105F temp with violent rigors, severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea with blood for 10 days (no health insurance so I was afraid to go to the er $$). But by the 10th day I absolutely felt like I was dying so I finally went to the ER. They gave me fluids and antibiotics (I have no idea what kind) but it still took me 4 more days for the diarrhea to stop.

Regrettably, I got 2 experimental jabs and my reaction to the second was very close to my “salmonella” experience. My temp then was 104F for 5 days… but the rigors were the same and I also had knives in my head, eyes, heart and gut simultaneously.i knew then that I had been poisoned andcc CD would never trust another vax again.

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Wow. Glad you made it, sounds horrific.

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Vit. C kicks it into high gear, too, without killing all your gut flora...

I should say, too, that TOO MUCH Vit. C all at once also causes diarrhea... You find your limit and then take that much every so often, depending on how severe your sickness is. Does that make sense?

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The strength of a worldview lies in it's ability to provide solid answers for problems that arise. In addition to this it should encounter almost no anomalies or gaps.

Terrain Theory seems like the better option though I'm not completely sold on it yet but I'm about 90% of the way there.

Thank you for all the work you No-Virus people do.

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I'm confused. I buy the argument that nobody has proven the existence of any virus. This seems to be undeniable: if proof exists, then show us. In respect of 'germs', are these the same as 'bacteria'? I did not think there was any question as to the existence of bacteria: is there? Isn't 'germ theory' as proposed by Pasteur, Lister et al, simply that 'germs' (as in bad bacteria) cause sepsis and other problems? Doesn't good hygiene eliminate or greatly reduce sepsis etc?

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“In respect of 'germs', are these the same as 'bacteria'?”

‘germs’ are pathogens, which means they spread and cause disease. Bacteria are claimed to be germs, but what I believe Sam is saying is that bacteria are just the clean-up crew, not the cause, therefore are not germs.

I’m not sure about the last question about hygiene and sepsis.

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"Germs" and "pathogens" are a load of hoooey. They don't spread and cause anything. They don't exist. Did you listen to the video? This sounds rude, but I don't mean it to be!

Bacteria are not claimed to be germs (WHAT are you reading??). Bacteria can cause infection, but not "disease." Bacteria can also be a clean-up crew, as you say, but not all bacteria are the same thing... Go back and listen to the video again. I know it's hard to have over a century's worth of bullshit suddenly being shot down, but it's time to get the junk out of medicine, so... We all have to re-learn biology, including all these doctors who are just as brainwashed as the rest of us (not Dr. Sam and her crowd, of course). ;)

One good thing! NO MASKS REQUIRED, EVER, not even in surgery.

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'Bacteria can cause infection but not 'disease''. ??? How is an infection NOT a disease? Are you not sick from an infection? Might you not die? Can't an infection spread from an initial source to the rest of the body? How is this different from a 'disease'. Is it the case that I'm being confused by strict definitions of 'disease' and 'germs'? Washing my hands after digging the garden, cleaning out the sewer or going to the loo reduces my chance of becoming ill (at least that's what Ma told me): I think of this as cleaning off the germs.

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Okay, maybe I shouldn't say that... I was trying to make a distinction between things like "the flu" (most likely, in my opinion, caused by EMF's and poor nutrition issues), and things like food poisoning. I apologize for my sloppiness! I am not an expert, I just read a lot, and I am eager to put the LIES of the Medical Industrial Complex behind us. So...

Disease, as I see it, is DIS-ease. I suppose that could cover just about anything that isn't "health."

Germs, as Dr. Sam is eloquently pointing out, are a myth, meant to trick us into being afraid of NATURE, which is the height of Evil. Nature, OBviously, is on our side.

So I think of it like this: You see something dead lying by the road, and you are repelled! That's Nature, telling us that there could be a bad result if we were to handle it, or try to EAT it... Roadkill, it has a bad rap for a reason! ;)

Our bodies are designed to keep us ALIVE, miraculous they are... THAT is Nature.

EVIL, on the other hand, is what we see in Rockefeller's view of "medicine." The guy made sure that all his funding went to ALLOPATHIC, not homeopathic, natural medicine derived from PLANTS and our friend, Nature... He wanted to profit from the WASTE his petroleum processing produced, and so all that pharmaceutical garbage is SYNTHETIC and gives us side effects that can be hideous. That is not to say that a substance can be introduced that will help us feel better, but I am pretty well OFF any kind of pharma, ever. That's me, personally. I am not telling ANYBODY what to do. I'm not qualified. I'm just explaining what I think. Dr. Sam is an expert. Listen to HER.

So, in my mind, which is completely turned now to TERRAIN THEORY, disease is not coming from GERMS, it's coming from something in the TERRAIN, as in, poor nutrition, bad water, airborne toxins, depression, anger... the terrain in which we live and FEEL...

There's a great book by Dr. Thomas Cowan: "The Contagion Myth." It's a great read, and I highly recommend it. Tom Cowan is one of Dr. Sam's gang of Truthy Doctors. ^_^

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Stefan, you're right. "Infection" means disease or illness, or more exactly, the start of the alleged process that causes sickness. But there is no contagion, nor infection, nor pathogens, germs, viruses. Bacteria exist, but do not cause illness, at least by contagion and infection. Overloads of bacteria when one has been sickened by, for instance, poisoning can result in large quantities of bacterial waste, which is slightly toxic or worse, depending on the load. Anorexic bacteria, starved for oxygen, produce waste that is highly toxic and will eventually cause disease. This happens to people who have root canal operations, because the dead tooth hosts thousands of miles of tiny tubiles that attarct and reproduce large quantities of anorexic bacteria. Those people get sick later with Parkinson's, heart disease and more.

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Viruses exist but not as pathogenic particles.

They're poisonous substances:


The original & only valid definition of virus -poisonous substance- is validated by it's companion words virulence & virulent & the word poison itself:


poison (n.)

c. 1200, poisoun, "a deadly potion or substance,"

The more usual Indo-European word for this is represented in English by virus.

Toxins are also poisons -viruses:


3. When Semantic Misleads More Than It Informs

"The very first (and major) barrier when it comes to unifying different fields is a straightforward and universal semantic. The use of the same word with different meanings can be misleading and cause misinterpretations, especially when authors and readers are from different fields of research”:


Here is a partial list of chemicals that are viruses -poisons/toxins


The field of REAL virology is validated by & alive & well under the 2 fields of toxinology & toxicology:



Germs exist but not as contagious microbes:


All poxes are caused by bacteria.




Poxes contain pus:



I found nothing under the modern definition of virus that proves a virus causes pus.

If a doctor, nurse, or other person out to harm you INJECTS anything into you, it's a vaccine:


Why there’s no such thing as the “flu virus”:

from Italian influenza "influenza, epidemic," originally "visitation, influence (of the stars)," from Medieval Latin influentia in the astrological sense (see influence).

Used in Italian for diseases at least since 1504 (as in influenza di febbre scarlattina "scarlet fever") on notion of astral, occult, or atmospheric influence;

influence (n.)

late 14c., an astrological term, "streaming ethereal power from the stars when in certain positions, acting upon character or destiny of men," from Old French influence "emanation from the stars that acts upon one's character and destiny" (13c.), also "a flow of water, a flowing in," from Medieval Latin influentia "a flowing in" (also used in the astrological sense)

malaria (n.)

1740, "unwholesome air, air contaminated with the poison producing intermittent and remittent fever," from Italian mal'aria, from mala aria, literally "bad air," from mala “bad"

disease (n.)

early 14c., "discomfort, inconvenience, distress, trouble," from Old French desaise "lack, want; discomfort, distress; trouble, misfortune; disease, sickness," from des- "without, away" (see dis-) + aise "ease" (see ease (n.)). Restricted pathological sense of "sickness, illness" in English emerged by late 14c.; the word still sometimes was used in its literal sense early 17c., and was somewhat revived 20c., usually with a hyphen (dis-ease).

disease (v.)

mid-14c., disesen, "to make uneasy, trouble; inflict pain," a sense now obsolete; late 14c. as "to have an illness or infection;" late 15c. in the transitive sense of "to infect with a disease, make ill;" from disease (n.)

The Bible is full of examples of disease:



etymology (n.)

late 14c., ethimolegia "facts of the origin and development of a word," from Old French etimologie, ethimologie (14c., Modern French étymologie), from Latin etymologia, from Greek etymologia "analysis of a word to find its true origin," properly "study of the true sense (of a word)," with -logia "study of, a speaking of" (see -logy) + etymon "true sense, original meaning," neuter of etymos "true, real, actual," related to eteos "true," which perhaps is cognate with Sanskrit satyah, Gothic sunjis, Old English soð "true,”

folk-etymology (n.)

1882; see folk (n.) + etymology. Perhaps translating German Volksetymologie (by 1852). The German word was used in English by 1876.

By Folk-etymology is meant the influence exercised upon words, both as to their form and meaning, by the popular use and misuse of them. In a special sense, it is intended to denote the corruption which words undergo, owing either to false ideas about their derivation, or to a mistaken analogy with other words to which they are supposed to be related.


Quote from Mike Stone:

“*Meanings matter. One does not get to change the long-held meaning of a word in order to prove their belief as if it is a fact. What people fail to realize is that when *virologists (and Steve’s friends) discuss isolation, *they have entirely changed the meaning of the word itself."

“As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent too. Words are used to disguise, not illuminate,” warned George Orwell.

A generation back, *historian Paul Johnson sounded his own prescient alarm:

"[O]ne principal way in which our civilization is rendered vulnerable to the assaults of its enemies (and false friends) is by the undermining of linguistic truth. [Language] is the bloodstream of our culture, the real infrastructure of civilization…. Words can be prostituted and debauched, damaged by use, misuse or intent, rendered untruthful or treacherous, devalued or aggrandized, stood, as it were, on their heads, or turned inside out…."

More succinctly, Stalin, Goebbels or one of the twentieth-century’s Big Bad Guys is alleged to have said, “He who *controls the language rules the world.”

This century’s secular Progressives understand this principle, leveraging it masterfully, waylaying word usage to coax along or, failing that, bully along transformation in people and the civilization around them.

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant *pervert the plain Meaning of Words!,” *Samuel Adams wrote to John Pitt two-hundred-forty-three-years ago. And the American statesman/Founding Father was not only correct but foresightful. Modern-day Leftism/Progressivism is, at its core, tyrannical and it employs language to warp perceptions of reality, because reality is opposed to most Leftist/Progressive tenets.

None but fools surrender the integrity of language without a fight.

The call to modify public language is motivated by a desire to achieve a political aim.

This is what Orwell meant when he said that those who control language are able to determine what is considered to be true, what we are allowed to think.

One of the key features of the language wars is to make a link between certain words and the rise of hate crimes. This is done through labelling certain words and ideas as forms of ‘*hate speech’. Once a *word is *rebranded as an act of hate, it can be discredited on the basis that it encourages *violence.

People: the Left doesn't own words & their meanings. Stop allowing them to think they do.

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June 21st 2021 Contagion & Germ Theory Debunked or Poison? https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/nurembergtrialsnet---viral-contagion-germ-theory-debunked

August 10th 2021 Covid Hoax News 8-15 ft Virus Never Isolated https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/nurembergtrialsnet-covid-hoax-news-8-14-ft-virus-never-isolated

December 25th 2021 Merry Xmas - Halo Crown 4 Jesus ft Covid Never Isolated Final Cut https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/merry-x-mas---halo-crown-is-for-jesus-ft-covid-never-isolated-12?blogcategory=Coronavirus

January 20th 2022 Virus Isolate: Is It Real? Impossible to Show Infection or Cause! https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/virus-isolation-is-it-real-or-impossible-to-isolate-causation?blogcategory=Coronavirus

March 7th 2022 Nuremberg Covid News Mar7-13 Virology on Trial Part 3-7 +Fake War https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/nuremberg-2-covid-news-mar7-13-virology-on-trial-part-3-fake-war

June 23rd 2022 End of Germ Theory Part 3 ft Polio-->DDT & Bio-Weapons Lab Hoax https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/end-of-germ-theory-part-2-ft-polio-ddt-bio-weapons-lab-hoax

September 23rd 2022 A Farewell To Virology & Contagion Theory by Dr. Mark Bailey https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/a-farewell-to-virology-expert-edition-by-dr-mark-bailey

December 19th 2022 GERM THEORY DEBUNKED FINAL-CUT - BIOCHEMISTRY DEBUNKS CONTAGIONS WITH 150 SOURCES https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/germ-theory-debunked-final-cut---biochemistry-debunks-contagions

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When the whole madness of 2020 started, I immediately rejected all the policies and narratives that emerged out of what I thought and still think was a PsyOP for a hidden agenda.

Since I am and old surgeon who trained both in Mexico and in USA nearly 40 years ago, I started to recall all the teaching we received in our careers and at the same time, comparing the reality that I had to face many times during my practice; every so often I had to confront practical issues with my team of specialists, regarding this excess of germ theory put in practice (without I knowing).

Then I had the fortune to see one of your earlier YouTube videos on the topic, one thing lead to the next. I bought and read Virus Mania at the same time that I followed your videos. I review many of the references from the book and I felt a sense of fulfillment having learned a totally different view that makes and explain lots of my dissent behavior with my ex cols. of my past practice. If I owe something to the recent past madness is having learned a great deal of new approaches to explain and potentially treat disease all due to your work.

I would love to see your videos translated or subtitled in more languages like: Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and so on.

English certainly reaches a huge audience, but the agenda of those whom assume themselves as the owners of humanity must be put a total brake from multiple fronts.

With great appreciation



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I wholeheartedly agree that their message needs to be translated into many other languages, in particular languages spoken by huge populations worldwide. Those on your list are ideal, adding Urdu also.

I would gladly donate to the Baileys to have the translations done!

It shouldn't be too difficult to add foreign language subtitles to the English videos?

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Thank you Dr Sam Bailey. I need to find a platform that makes subtitles or closed captions to follow your excellent commentary. I appreciate it very much.

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Another excellent presentation...folks like Sam and Mark Bailey give me hope!

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Dr. Sam, I have to tell you that I appreciate your work so much! I just finished Terrain Therapy and finally feel like I'm coming to a better understanding of what terrain theory really means and readjusting my mindset after years and years of "germ theory" hogwash. Thank you!

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May 3, 2023·edited May 7, 2023

Dr Sam,

I created a post with a link to your video and preamble. Then I received this response form a person who is involved in the natural medicines industry.

Deciding that germs do not exist is a corruption of the original ‘Germ’ vs ‘Terrain’ arguments as attributed respectively to Pasteur and Bechamp.

Of course, so-called ‘germs’ exist. The point of the argument is that such germs cannot actively proliferate in an individual who exhibits a healthy ‘terrain’. The terrain is associated with our collective cellular and immune defences.

In short, a healthy ‘terrain’ or immune system is essential to prevent the germ/pathogen from taking hold.

Both the germ and the terrain exist together.

I would appreciate your thoughts/comments. Thanks in advance.

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Why do some people respond positive to a TB test and others don't?

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Likely the same reason(s) why some people tested "positive" for covid 19 test, and others did not.

What is a covid case: https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/what-is-a-covid-19-case:9

Behind the PCR curtain: https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/covid-19-behind-the-pcr-curtain:b

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No, with a positive TB test the skin reacts with bumps.

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You have w link for this TB test kit/procedure?

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You should be able to do a search yourself. I was given the test along with other students in high school. I remember it involved tiny needles pricked into the inside of the arm. If there was any reaction within a certain amount of time the person was positive and had to do some follow up protocols. This was back in the 70's but I don't suppose it is done today as there seems to be no concern for antibiotic-resistant TB coming across our borders carried by illegal immigrants migrating from 3rd world countries.

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Great question!

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Comment removed
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A bacteria pathogen that is contagious?

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Not contagious, not a pathogen. Read about it, there are no two line answers that can enlighten.

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Is all of Biology Fradulent? You should send your questions to Tom Cowan, https://www.bitchute.com/video/zGrGpyxrmBkJ/ Andrew Kaufman, https://www.bitchute.com/video/FZR4ngzowLtd/ or Spacebusters, https://www.bitchute.com/video/7x8IAFkOXqQF/

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I think you mean "Spacebusters," not "busers."

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Its always so refreshing to watch and listen to you Sam. Wish I could do more.

Love and blessings from Sydney Australia.

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If you don't do someting, they will continue their boogymen virus's and one day you'll find yourself in a quarantine camp; while your begging them to give you another anal swab, just to be able to leave the camp in a bubble-boy suit. Don't worry, they're preparing for that right now. And, a simple "emergency order" by your favorite politician or the WHO will start the next scamdemic all over again. The imbicels of planet Earth, aka suicidal maniacs, are just waiting for their next opportunity to be slaves, and take you with them.

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