Those Lab-coated experts it was pretty obvious that eating bats would lead us to Vanity Fair -mmm - and let's not forget the PCR - a test that doesn't work in finding a virus that doesn't exist - yep I believe

Thank you again Team Sam -

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I already knew at the beginning of the plandemic that there was no virus because I had previously watched Dr. Lanka's videos, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what they would get out of it, that such madness, these endless lies and such a gigantic crime were even possible and continue to this day.

As I write this, state police are training on an empty block. They storm empty apartments and scream “POLICE!!!!!!” We know what’s coming…

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"Lab Leak" is an “approved” story. They want people obsessing over origin. It’s a distraction from the policy-related slaughter of the last 3-plus years.

The "lab leak" theory does not hold water and covers up what actually happened, which was straight forward mass murder in hospitals and nursing homes and this phony narrative is used to shore up the “deadly novel virus suddenly appeared” fairy tale.

By trotting out "lab leak" mythologies they get a lot of pseudo dissidents to chomp on the obvious bait and get them to do exactly what they want them to- reify the entire false foundation of the fake pandemic.

There was no pandemic ever- there is no "lab leak"- there is no "unique viral pathogen"- there is no "China Virus"- there is no "bioweapon"- There is no "There" there.

It is all fraud piled on top of fraud.

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Dr. Bailey, thank you again for being the brave voice of real truth. I know that Mcclough has stated that he has a photo of a virus but has failed to show said photo! It does not exist. All the supposed heroes involved in this con job have apparently been part of a Manchurian candidacy ploy in order to distract people from the real scam that is virology. I remember seeing a video of the group in a Florida covid summit, and as they all were saying that the injection was dangerous and so on, one of them stated that as dangerous as the shot was, most all vaccines were safe and effective, and that only one in a million adverse reactions were associated with them. What the hell! This is when I started to question just what they were actually trying to do. I knew this statement was a complete lie. I enquired about the fact that none of these people have stated the fact that no such thing as a virus exists, and I got no answer at all, not from Kennedy, Bigtree or any of these so-called heroes of truth. Even Mercola has not stated this obvious fact or even questioned it. I say why? Because it is apparent that they have been placed as the defenders of the official narrative. Pretend to be challenging the system while defending the big lie. This has worked so verry well with the unthinking sheep that they will challenge you when you state that no such thing as a virus exists. I was talking to my Doctor at the V.A., and he is vaccine injured himself. He would only admit this in private for good reason, as he would be fired and lose his medical license if he said it openly. I told him to look for any evidence that a virus existed, and I also stated that no scientific evidence exists to support this con job. He was open to this dialog, and he was critical of the entire fraud but again he stated that he was forced to get the jab because he is a Medical Doctor, and at the same time he did not want to take it. I also know a psychiatrist at my gym who is also vaccine injured and he stated the same thing. He did not want the jab but had to take it for the same reason as the other Doctor. I did challenge both about virology and I did not get pushback from either of them, so I do not think they reside in the matrix. Just like most in the profession, they are afraid of losing everything, and most people if it threatened their livelihood will pretend that the earth is flat, and the moon is made of cheese if these were the official narrative. Human nature is a strange thing is it not? Thank you for being brave enough to speak the real truth! Jack Williams, huge fan.

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Another great video Dr Sam. I really wish some of the other medics who are fighting this tyranny would get on board with this and open their mind more. It could certainly put an end to future medical tyrannies. I know what you are saying it true because as a hypnotherapist, now retired, I have demonstrated to my clients that they can use their mind and imagination to get rid of cold/flu symptoms and of course us the methods myself. I first did this as an experiment back around 1979.. You know.. if there is a real virus, I don't think for one minute that is would susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

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All viruses do originate in labs. Computer labs. :-)

Great point, belief in and fear viruses is a key reason why the dominant narrative continues in power. The "freedom" activists who push "gain of function"/"lab leak" nonsense are helping to maintain the fear going. Key word remains "PROVENANCE," as claims are being made about nucleic acid segments which have never been demonstrated to be either viral or pathogenic.


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hi Dr. Sam, we enjoy your presentations so much

pleased too, to share some good news from Alberta, Canada:

judge rules "all orders from chief medical office of Alberta were illegal"

we continue to "kick ass" in alberta - home of canada's freedom convoy

big win in the provincial courthouse recently

attorneys Rath and Grey give you a blow by blow description of the unprecedented legal ruling in attached video link

editor note: begin viewing attached at third minute 3:00

please let us know should you have difficulty opening link


social media announcement / Chris and Kerry Show

The BIGGEST , most AWESOME news for FREEDOM!

They did it! They showed that our rights and freedoms were violated, and the court ruled in favour of our Charter Rights. WOW!
Chris & Kerry with lawyers Leighton Grey & Jeffrey Rath about their landmark case in which the Alberta Chief Medical Officer’s Health (CMOH) Orders were ruled unconstitutional and illegal. And the implications of the ruling going forward.
July 31, 2023

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Doing standup the other night, I kissed the microphone several times and said: "this is how much I believe in covid." It was open mic, so there's a different comedian breathing into the mic every five minutes. A public microphone is a germaphobe's dilemma: part public urinal, part "laboratory" of disease, part common cup. Peace pipe. Talking stick. Laughing is coughing. The mic's moist crenellations remind me of the communion cup of a Brethren assembly as we lip and kiss the rim of one brass cup passed round. Salvific saliva, theologically speaking. This do in remembrance of me.

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Fauci is right . He did not try to produce any gain of function . There was NOTHING that could gain anything . ……..so what are they doing in these labs that is so bad that even seemingly producing biochemical weapons are less incriminating ? ? ?

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It's important to expose the prominent people who keep the virus theory in the news headlines as following a false paradigm if only to provoke a response, I suggest?

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Indeed Sam!!

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The 'coronavirus' actually originated from the labs of the BBC, Cambridge Uni and LSHTM (lots of Gates funding for all three). In 2017 they collaborated on an experiment to simulate (their words) "a contagious Spanish-Flu like outbreak".

To this end they recruited 30,000 volunteers for the contagion experiment and had them download a special app to their phones. Then they 'infected' the smartphones at a special event in Haslemere and tracked the phones to create a data set of digital contagion of the digital pathogen on the digital devices. This data set was touted as the new 'gold standard' in pandemic modelling and it was used (by their own admission) as the basis for setting government policy 2 years later, at the start of 2020.

I think a strong argument can be made (I mean to those who still cling to the virus) that basing the entire pandemic response on a model derived from smartphone contagion (not human contagion) represents an admission from the architects of 'covid' that they know full well that virology is nonsense and contagion only works in the digital realm (where the laws of nature do not apply).

If unicornologists model all of their unicorn data from experiments they conduct with motorbikes can they really be said to believe in unicorns? Apart from Bigtree, RFK etc does anyone actually behave like they believe in viruses or contagion? (I mean outside of the digital realm). It certainly doesn't look like it.

Anyway, the experiment was made into a TV show ('Contagion! the BBC4 Pandemic') fronted by celebrity mathematician Hannah Fry. It also spawned at least one scientific paper. It looks pretty obvious that the team of mathematicians featured in the TV programme were brought in as 'useful idiots' and 'virus true believers' who had no idea that smartphones and humans are not interchangeable when it comes to modelling how disease manifests!

Although they may have smelled a rat by now, especially after the first confirmed 'covid infection' in the UK was officially declared to have occurred in the town of Haslemere ....... the exact same town that Hannah Fry infected the volunteers with a digital pathogen back in 2017. I kid you not.

In the paper the maths teams stated "we were asked to ensure the pandemic was seeded in Haslemere" meaning the town of Haslemere was not chosen arbitrarily, but had been selected by whoever was in charge of the experiment to be the origin of the smartphone pandemic.

The whole thing is mind blowing enough (and audaciously silly), but when you understand that virology is nonsense and contagion is not a thing it all makes total sense. Covid was basically a repeat of the digital pathogen experiment of 2017, only in 2020 it was passed off as a 'real' pathogen spreading between humans.

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Did anyone capture those dying from covid on camera? I saw dancing and I saw 'officials' telling us how many were dying, but because of lockdowns there was no evidence of covid, not that I want to see people dying of course, but there is no evidence of covid.

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Blessings and appreciation to you and your family Sam.....from Sydney Australia.

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Pandemic, epidemic, plague... don't care what term they place on events throught history that have wiped out millions of people and our pets too. Natural or created in a lab doesn't really matter to me, in the end something makes people and animals sick and sometime die. I've had several pets die from parvo and distemper. I've been sick with multiple things over my 60 plus years. Your group says their has never been a virus isolated. That is not saying they don't exist though, correct? Something clearly makes us sick and clearly is contagious, such as chickenpox. I am riding a fence not sure how to take all this info from either side, germ or terrain theory. As much as I'd like to read your books on this subject I don't have enough knowledge about this virology subject to be able to clearly understand and read it annoliticly.

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