" They " are the face of pure evil .

Appreciation and blessings to you and your family Sam .....the voice of reality in these days of endless gas lighting .

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I isolated a virus yesterday. I stuck it to the end of a sledge hammer and I promise you that every mouse that got in contact with said virus on the hammer died. I can repeat this result indefinitely. See , every problem IS a nail. Trust me, I am science.

Do we need a civil war? Or do we wait for a vaccine against stupidity?

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All these asymptomatic diseases - how do you diagnose these diseases, doc? Well ,we do so by observing the symptoms..........Also, you need the vaccine because nobody is safe due to lack of symptoms. Thank you for saving the world , Dr Hotez (by killing everybody )

A vaccine for poverty. Once you take the jab your bank account will open again.

All this lying is getting boring.

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So many people still walking around with masks on their faces. So sad. I don’t know how they can stand having that cloth covering their nose and mouth. This is what fear has done to them.

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There's been no pandemic ever hasn't there.

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Nov 7, 2023·edited Nov 7, 2023

A virus from about 100 years ago? New and improved, no doubt. Which brings me to asking this question. Dear virologist of invented virology...riddle me this...any of you soldiers of research...

If a 100 year old virus can make a comeback, that means that many of the millions or billions of viruses you tell us exist and their variants can make a comeback at any time, correct? That means that if these viruses really do exist, our humble bodies could be invaded by dozens and dozens of viruses all at the same time. True or not?

I can only conclude that if that were to happen, the body, as magnificent as it is, will be overwhelmed as even it has limits. Thus, there would be no human life remaining on the planet after a few hundred years of invading viruses which you are now telling us never really die or go away. Yes or no?

And before germ theory become prevalent after the Civil War, were there viruses floating around in the previous 50,000 years? You tell us viruses are from nature or novel (as they claimed covid 19 was) so they must have been around because they never could be created in bio-labs that never existed until decades ago. How did mankind survive all those viruses without big pharma vaccines and drugs? Tell me the truth, dear virologist. Don't you dare tell me another lie.

Trying to look at virology from a layman's or practical perspective leads one to conclude it is all rubbish.

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Astounding how these fraudsters manage to pull off their deceptions!

All of these lies should have been exposed and debunked decades ago, but big money keeps them alive.

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Nov 7, 2023·edited Nov 7, 2023

I love the phrase "The powers that shouldn't be". I have adopted it and use it myself. Also, I ve always wanted to ask Drs Bailey about mosquitoes and their supposed ability to transfer viruses through their tiny proboscis. One of my questions, deleted from my list. I learned from this video that its not a matter of mosquitoes being able to transfering viruses which cause diseases. Simply there are no viruses. Additionally, Dr Sam presents evidence from the studies and isolation papers. There are no studies proving mosquitoes transfering disease and there are no valid isolation papers on this subject. Thank you Dr Sam and Dr Mark.

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Conditions are created that create the disease.

EXCEPT- there's no disease there are only those conditions which bring about illness.

THEN and only after millon$ and billion$ of pseudo science-y study, research and investment comes THE CURE.

A blockbuster pill or a liability-free toxic injection is now rolled out and marketed as a guarantee to prevent such illness aka "the disease"- all of this subsidized by the taxpayers.

These CURES create a bit of media stir which manufacture amazing stories of how THE CURE has eradicated this once deadly disease yet oddly just as this was happening yet another symptomatically similar "disease" raises its ugly head (coincidentally right around the time of patent expiration) which requires more research and funding.

Ad nauseam...

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Excellent debunk as usual Dr's Baileys.

I wonder, if you could look into KURU and PRIONS claims such as BSE and human CJD if you can find time. Here are two interesting aspects to such, which you'll be able to pick apart far better than I.

Re: KURU https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6466359/ they seemed to have extreme difficulty proving transmission of anything and I suspect the methodology will have shaking foundations when they claimed they did.

Re: BSE Mad Cows and v. CJD claimed in humans, it appears it was a cover story for Organophosphate PHOSMET, as was exposed in 1980 by UK Organic Cow Farmer Mark Purdue as per this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5qBgHWKhKo&ab_channel=PeterBorenius For which they made his life hell.

I would be very interested in your thoughts on such, or if you could deep dive on this and expose yet another, seeming scam.

Kind regards to you Sam and Mark

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The "image of the virus" always looks the same as any other "virus", and coincidentally, always looks like all the microbes breaking down dead, dying, decaying debris!

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Yeah, look at him 8:08, the picture of perfect health.

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Yellow fever doesnt exist.

When the Rockefeller media narrative mind conditions people that now in 2023 its magically spreading globally they are suggesting (to fearful people's minds who believe this) the physical symptoms which will then manifest and spread through the nocebo effect.

All illness is from the unhealed-unwhole mind.

"Who is the physician?

Only the mind of the patient himself."

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People have a hard time believing in EVIL, unless it's in the past, apparently... Witness the Holocaust and the unspeakable, unimaginable cruelty that went on, even toward little children. You can tell people things and give them evidence, PROOF, even, and they will refuse to believe it because they are too frightened to do so. It seems that maybe the only way people can get into any kind of ACTION is when their own personal situation is made intolerable somehow.

Woe to those who cannot bring forth the courage to perceive Evil when it smacks them in the face, and woe to those who CAN and no one will hear them...

We are living in "interesting" times... Let us keep our heart fires burning, and not succumb to the wave of Evil that is so contagious. Breathe in Light, Breathe out Light. Hugs to all.

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Thank you. The hypodermic needle is murderous. The skin evolved as a barrier to enhance survival.

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Walking along the Ulverston Canal recently by the shut- down Glaxo Smith Kline giant plant. I saw a Notice on the old Lock. It said that the public were to look out for dead or sick birds and to report their observations to DEFRA immediately because avian flew was spreading in Britain..Yours Gordon Bird Warton Lancaster

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