The nastiest pathogens that I know of - are politician's and of course many in the medical profession but by far the most carcinogenic of all is the pharmaceutical industry and its minion's .

Love and blessings to you and yours Sam .

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Great Video.

Hopefully it will wake up many.

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I have friends who live in Puglia and the lockdowns were draconian. They were not allowed to leave home except to go shopping. Even then, only one was allowed to go and had to fill out an on line form beforehand to say which shop. Any deviation resulted in an automatic 3000 Euro fine. Preposterous. They remained purebloods though.

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Wow... I just can't imagine. We really are domesticated pharm animals. May we find the courage to push back when they inevitably try it again.

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They may try again, but I doubt it. Too many people were spurred to do research, and they won't be fooled again. I haven't been to an allopathic doctor in 40+ years, and even I learned something new; I had never heard of the 'no virus' idea - thanks Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka, the Bailey's, and many others.

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My life experience is very similar :). Terrain vs Germ Theory was a new one for me also. In my researching the Convid I stumbled across Cowan first as I was already studying Anthroposophy. So, yes, I do think more people are tuned in and turned on to the sham that is virology. Cheers to you!

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Oh, I knew about Pasteur vs Bechamp, and that germs don't cause disease. But I didn't know that viruses have never been proven to exist. Most of what we "know" is false, especially in "medicine," but also in the other sciences, even in physics. That makes sense, because of our selfish nature. I wrote a little booklet on it, which you can read for free at www.discourseonagape.org.

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.

-Mark Twain (ascribed)

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Yes, same here... it was the "viruses don't exist" that I didn't know about. I will check out your booklet for sure! :) Take care!

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"Too many people were spurred to do research, and they won't be fooled again."

Gates and co are promising another pandemic. The WHO is preparing for it with new powers. Given that so many have woken up (at last to some degree) the most likely scenario is either:

1) A 'shock and awe' fake pandemic with hard lockdowns followed by door-to-door vax within a few weeks. Probably delivered with military assistance.

2) Real bodies piled up in the streets, probably due to EMF, which will make 2020 look like a 'mild one' (I mean that's how it will be spun) .......the dead bodies will be used to make the 'no virus' camp and 'covid deniers' look like dangerous idiots.

They'd only have to 'zap' a few cities and create a few hundred bodies in each (plus lots of sick people) to generate enough fear to have everyone happily locked up again. Again, door-to-door vax within a few weeks, before any counter narratives have time to spread.

The mass casualty event at Astroworld 2021 (and to a lesser extent Glastonbury 2019) have all the hallmarks of an EMF test. If that's the case then it proves that they can create breathing difficulties, passing out, nosebleeds, vomiting and death on demand using EMF.

At Astroworld people were passing out throughout the day in wide open spaces, yet it was reported as a crowd surge in the evening only (during Travis Scott's set). The cardiac arrests (deaths) are now being mis-reported as death by compression asphyxia. The official narrative is so completely dishonest that this ITSELF indicates a cover up of something esoteric and nefarious.

99% of skeptics who think the lockdowns were an over reaction will fall right back in line if people start dropping in the streets and filling up the hospitals for real - even if it's just a few hundred in half a dozen cities around the globe.

This will leave a handful of 'no virus' people trying to convince a terrified public that it's all a scam. If they won't listen now, they certainly won't listen if the news is full of dead people in shopping malls and wards full of sick people.

In 2009 they created a pseudo pandemic and sold a bunch of vaccines which nobody wanted (governments tried and sell them off or get a refund). It was a huge scandal at the time. Nobody learned a damn thing because in 2020 they did the exact same thing, except with better control of the media and more drama and fear porn. Plus they created enough mortality spikes with Midazolam and ventilators to put on the news and frighten everyone.

Based on this pattern of escalation, we can expect the next one to have even bigger explosions and faster car chases - just like movie sequels. It's all theatre after all. An EMF mass casualty event fits the bill perfectly.

Even on the regular news we are now seeing vultures dropping dead out of the skies next to cell towers, and this is being reported as bird flu, even though it is ludicrous that birds with the flu would drop dead in mid flight and hit the ground.

If cell towers under normal operation can kill large birds it's not a stretch that they can kill people if the dial is turned up. News reports like this one leave no doubt that the media and environmental agencies are totally bought and paid for. The tower is never mentioned, although it makes a sneaky appearance for about 1 second.


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Have you considered this in the context of the Lahaina combustion? Apparently the thermal effects were quite unusual for a "natural" fire.

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Likely started by DEWs

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Reminds me of the movie Hudson Hawk, I'll have to rematch with fresh eyes. St Peter's is so incredible, the whole idea of the Vatican and the religion and popes and Falconers video on such...

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Pavarotti was singing - Nobody Shall Sleep - Nessun Dorma - looks like a lot of Italian Pollies and Medico's might not have heard him - and Big Pharma simply took advantage - I remember when the 'killer virus' (lol) first started to take hold and Italy was constantly making mainstream headlines - it's gunna cause such a shockwave when all this fake stuff comes to light -Thank you Team Sam

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Nessun Dorma also famously ends with a resounding Vincero, I will conquer. I'm using that as my motto from now on and would offer it in the plural as the motto for humanity at large.

By the way, listen to it being sung by Jussi Bjorling - unmatchable, as Pavarotti himself admitted.

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They still believe there's Covid, need vaccines etc.

Just mainstream. Interesting how they're Catholic which doesn't encourage 'thinking ' or reading the Bible themselves.

Sacrilegious almost! They trust their priests, pope, regardless!!

Maybe there's a link.

There are Catholics who think and study also.

I'll be interested in what others report here.

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There is a highly complex political and organised crime syndicate in Italy. Some of the deepest darkest acts of cruelty have been perpetrated by Italians. The Church, Empire, Mafia. Expect more of the same in the future. That's to say nothing of a band of former Roman senators who relocated to Venice after the collapse of the Empire. Venice became the espionage capital of the world. These Machiavellian tricksters own the world, but hail from far more exotic climes these days. The systems that they have set up are deeply rooted in culture to divide and rule.

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Well said. I have read a book by Colin Forbes, a thriller writer. One of the characters said that Rome was the most corrupt city in the world. All roads do lead to Rome.

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Yes, very relevant. As I keep saying 'vaccination' is an anagram of 'Icon Vatican'. Words can be very revealing.


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You just know that whatever fake Pandemic they are planning, the PCR test will be used to facilitate it. This evidence showing this test is fraudulent needs to be shouted from the roof tops, or 21st century style shared worldwide. While the PCR retains any credibility, we will not be safe from it's fraudulent 'test results'.

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HA! It reduces fear of a microbe but perhaps increases fear of tyranny! Can't be helped, I think, except by a total spiritual enlightenment to make us immune to fear itself!

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Another segment that would be interesting would include the amounts of money distributed to hospitals, clinics and such within the different areas in Italy and how it changed over a few decades.

Dr Sam mentioned we could safely ignore the hysteria and destructive measures promoted by the fraudsters. That's not entirely true. People definitely still need to keep a watchful eye out for them. Look at Australia - beating and arresting people for not complying. That's dangerous.

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Yep - the OZ police were quite happy to kick and punch helpless (old) people - some of the footage that was gathered was shocking - and funnily enough it never made mainstream - even the ABC kept their heads down looking the other way

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From Wikipedia


In medicine, comorbidity - from Latin morbus, co, -ity - is the presence of one or more additional factors to account for early death. Comorbidity describes the effect of all other conditions an individual patient might encounter that increases the chance of death. Examples from Modern History include Big Pharma, Kill Gates, Government Indoctrination Camps, Anal Schwab, TeLIEvision, Anthony Fraudci and The Mighty Dollar. Wikipedia

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Love these simple to understand and very clear videos - what would we do without Dr's Sam and Mark Bailey -

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Excellent video, and the tyranny is abominable. Micheal Bryant on 21st century wire was interviewed and wrote an article about Italy earlier this year. Hard to conclude anything other than orchestrated malevolence.

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From article:

"Why Italy?

To suggest that there was no aberrant viral event in N Italy in Spring 2020 and theorize that Italy was chosen as the launching pad for the Covid Operation, as the evidence indicates, we have to ask, “Why was Northern Italy chosen as the stage set for this pandemic screenplay?

Did Italy possess the means and the motive?

In order to launch the shock-and-awe phase of the Covid Operation into the Western world it was necessary to create the illusion of a viral invasion.

To conjure a post-modern Potemkin plague and the perceived need for shutting down a country’s social and economic order, Italy possessed all the ready-made ingredients. With its already soaring rates of interstitial pneumonia, panoply of pollution induced upper respiratory problems and high cancer rates, Northern Italy needed only a tiny flame to ignite a wildfire of fatalities. That spark came in the form of media generated hysteria, lockdown orders and deadly hospital protocols.

Italy also had the motivation which becomes apparent once you understand the Covid story through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer.

A financially bankrupt country with a financial sector desperate for bailouts and a command structure run by central bankers made for a willing and compliant government.

For reasons unrelated to the poor health of its citizens Italy has been dubbed “the sick man in Europe” for the past decade by the EU financial sector.

Like much of Europe the Italian government was facing extreme economic pressures in 2019.

While Europe as a whole was economically stagnant Italy officially slipped into recession in early 2019. Anxieties in the Eurozone were high with concerns that the “Italian problem” would spread and trigger a meltdown across an already teetering global economy.

Italy’s government debt had mushroomed to the fourth-largest in the world and the biggest in the EU. This crushing debt was placing a strain on the EU creating tension between Rome and Brussels.

By May 2019 Italy’s financial crisis was said to be “posing major threats to the monetary targets of the European Central Bank” and if not reined in, “could shatter market confidence in the entire Euro area, putting the EU in big trouble.”

The predicted tsunami of financial collapse staring European Central Bankers in the face came to a head in 2019.

With no time to spare, the tried and true bailout scheme was proposed in order to rescue large investors. European commissioner for economy, Paolo Gentiloni, warned “A whopping €1.5 trillion ($ 1.63 trillion) could be needed to “deal with this crisis.”

All chatter about the financial industry bankrupting the nation by looting public funds, politicians destroying public services at the behest of large investors and the depredations of the casino economy were washed away with the fresh telling of a crisis sparked by the ‘outbreak of Covid-19.’

Predators who saw their financial empires coming apart at the seams resolved to shut down society and loot the world in an attempt to salvage their crumbling financial empires.

In order not to solve the problems they created these financial predators needed a cover story.

A cover story big enough to disguise the countless financial crimes they committed and suppress the social problems they created.

That cover story magically appeared in the form of a “novel virus.”

Ultimately the European Central Bank (ECB) agreed to a €1.31 trillion ($1.46 trillion) bailout of European banks followed up by the EU agreeing to a €750 billion recovery fund for European states and corporations.

This fat package of “long-term, ultra-cheap credit to hundreds of banks” was sold to the public as a necessary and benevolent program to cushion the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses and workers.

As part of the EU recovery plan the €750 billion was divided in two parts. One included €500 billion to be allocated as grants based on each country’s “recovery needs.” Italy would be getting the biggest slice of the pie.

Europe’s ‘sick man’ received a much needed infusion- strings attached."


Emebedded links at article.

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Holy crapp.

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Yeah Pope shit in the woods

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Many thanks Allen makes good sense. It is always about the money.

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I remember the Biological group of the Russian military landed in Italy at the onset of the "pandemic" They were in and out in a matter of a few days. I wonder what they found?

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But Russians are still keeling over from the injections. Their one is apparently based on the Astra Zeneca style of murder - the invention of which has just earned its chief promoter a knighthood...

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Nothing to be found of any importance - did you see Kim Karchrashian's new frock ...

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the Healthy American does a humorous take on the new VAMPIRE VIRUS... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MyMUSK9nr4

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Dr. Denis Rancourt is the expert on All Cause Mortality. His research found no virus was involved in Covid deaths. It was all due to Collateral damage and effects of fear, suicides, unemployment, etc.. He's currently working on applying his method to entire global population. - https://newsparadigm.substack.com/p/covid-19-is-a-fictional-pandemic

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I notice in Dr Rancourt's presentation there is mention of high numbers of 'Excess' deaths in the Southern (poorer) States of the US - there is also a 'Real' Pandemic in these States - of opioid/Prescription Pharma-magic drugs -some sources say 10,000 deaths per annum from these drugs alone - a very convenient location for Mainstream to cite as Kovid hotspot' akin to Northern Italy

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Thanks - for the link V good

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Thank you, Dr Sam Bailey, for your tireless work. I have a question. Do you know of Robert Yoho M.D.? He has written several books on corruption in govts and in medical/healthcare. He is on substack. Most recently he reposted someone else’s post about Lyme Disease being a bioweapon. I had watched your video on Lyme disease and posted a link in the comments. IMMEDIATELY my comment was deleted by robert and when I tried to politely ask why he would not instead just explain his position, I then discovered I have been ‘banned’ from commenting on his substack for the next..... one hundred years. Surely someone like that has to be controlled opposition?

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Interesting. He also came out like a bull against Dr Robert Malone when Malone sued the Breggin's.

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I gather Robert Yoho M.D. believes in viruses so that might explain it but it is very sad he can't take criticism.

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Mama mia.

Hey, fun related fact is that my mother, aka "Ma," died in Tennessee in 2020 of covid. Or as I called it, old age.

Ma was a century old, and had been joking about her death for decades in the following words (true story): "it's not the cough that carries you off. It's the coffin they carry you off in." Boom.

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