I called out Mercola many months ago on his blog. I stated "Why does Dr Mercola never acknowledge the fact that Sars Covid-2 has never been isolated" The very next day he did a rebuttal on his blog. Basically saying that everyone needs to come together and believe his bullshit.

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I called out Mercola, too, sometime in 2020, that there was no virus and they deleted my post and kicked me off the comment section. !!! And this from a guy who whines and cries that he's subjected to censorship. I wrote a nasty email pointing out that I'm a platinum member on his shopping site and they finally reinstated me. What hypocrites.

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What does this say on this page, that is a google site and not any goff ball site...


These people are PROVING what has been done, and these so-called vaccines and so-called virus WHICH are Patented.... HERE...


and here....


and here....


and here...


All those Coronavirus PATENTS were Patented in the USA....

So why would ANY of those ***PATENTS,*** need to be "isolated?"

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I have a patent out on a flying carpet it can do 785 miles per second the braking system has a separate patent , I am also working on a set of glasses ( patent pending) that enables you to see those invisible pixes.

Yes why would my magic carpet have to be isolated ?

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So no one, or group of "NO ONES," could re-patent your carpet, without paying you, at the low ball price of $150,000 USD?

Honk if you fly that fast OVER me! Will ya?

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God bless you, Mark, and Dr Lanka

Real beacons of light in an otherwise dark world

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Brilliant Sam, thank you!

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Perfection, thank you so much Sam and Mark!!

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You and Mark are my hero’s ! All you present resonates as truth for me. I enjoyed your very helpful book.

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Fantastic upbeat and thorough message (even if the opening laugh-fest graphic of the Brothers "Glib" ran on just a tad too long). Agree 100% that it's time to put some friendly pressure on these fellow travelers in the freedom movement to do their methodology homework. Otherwise I'm beginning to wonder that with friends like these, who needs enemies?

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Hi Sam, I am psychiatrist living across the ditch. I have been slowly red pilled since the Trump victory and had reached the stage of knowing that the vexines were bioweapons. I have become fully anti vex against all of them but it looks like I am sliding across to this most black pilled of places - there is no virus 🦠!? When will my beliefs stop crashing down?

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No such thing as a pandemic either. Soz.

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Aaahhh nooooo, say it ain’t so😜

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Well done Sam. I applaud and thank You, Mark, Tom, Stefan and Andy for showing us the truth about Virology fraud.

I do have to mention that it was Del's "Vaxxed movie" (Wakefield, Kennedy) that showed me the absolute evil in vaccines....for this I am also very grateful. I understand that the viruses have never been proven to be real but it's so important to continue to fight against ALL the concocted vaccines that CAUSE medical problems, especially for children.

For this reason I'm torn because there are clearly two important concerns here. I understand if Germ Theory is debunked there is no reason for vaccines. But the vaccine waters are now muddied because the "Vaccine-haters" have had a re-taste of the limelight and are following their own ratings.

Really too bad!

I remember listening to McCullough replying to a caller who wanted to know if the virus was real and he said "Of course it is, you can see it under the microscope." Also, I've always wondered if Malone and McCullough are so smart - why did they both get the shots.........lol

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Malone is a quackcine developer, so he is deeply under the spell. McCullough appears to be believing in viruses because, like Steve Kirsch, he believes in the experts that tell him they are real.

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Seems to me Malone is muddying the waters. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

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Nor trust his "intelligence buddies" -- which is about all one needs to know about him and on what side he's on.

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McCullough is on Steve's foundation. So there is that.

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You nailed it Sam!👏✊📣🤣😂😆 👌Good work. 👍

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Sam, love you and your work.

****************** Will you please engage with Steve Kirsch and debate him? You and Mark and anyone else? He keeps saying no one will debate him!!! ****************************************

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Hi pcw - I can't speak for Sam but there are very valid reasons (some of them directly involving Sam) that myself and others won't engage with Steve (or certain colleagues of his). I have documented many (but not all) past incidences involving Steve, on my site. If you read through this collection, you'll see that Steve has been insincere and run away from debates in the past, including one that Sam and her husband Mark had agreed to participate in. Steve brought this situation on himself.

The real reason I now refuse to debate Steve Kirsch (or engage with him, Richard Fleming or Kevin McCairn) (hint: it’s not what Steve tells his readers)

Posted July 24, 2022:


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Steve doesn't have a problem with circular reasoning. He offers the Lee paper which contains circular reasoning as proof of the virus. He thinks pictures of what he is told are viruses is adequate proof. He is satisfied that virology is a real science. He will want you to explain why his family members became ill. He labels anyone who doubts viruses whackjobs/nutcases. No point in debating him.

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Thanks Christine! I liked your posts on A Warrior Calls!

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I wanted to heart your message, but I wasn't able to, Christine.

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Firstly what a buzz to get a comment from you - you are so important to our efforts - thankyou for all you do!! I saw that stuff between him and you and your record - it is messy to say the least.. I am over on Steve's blog haranguing him on the "virus" issue - I got a reply from him.. At the end.. We need to get someone respected and independent to handle the debate. I have emailed Sam and Andrew and Tom - no replies - very disappointing but perhaps because of what you have said... Hard as it is, I still hold out hope that Steve will wake up if confronted with the true facts.. I mean - we have to try??



41 min ago

Steve, I have followed Dr Marik's outrageous treatment by the criminal administrators of the corporate allopathic chemical bodies. Your arguments about the need to have an open mind and accept alternate conversations is very persuasive.

Steve - WHY - will you not:

1. Read the SARS base papers

2. Engage with Tom and Andrew - I guarantee you your life will gain benefit - as has mine.

The reason I peruse this is I think you are an effective communicator - I love your drive - and this is the ONLY game in town. Once we kill "Germ Theory" all the rest just fades away.. We must break the spell.

Steve Kirsch

34 min ago


Why do people keep asking me this? I have written time and time again that these people will not engage with me in a video call lasting five minutes or more nor will they engage with any of the experts that I work with. They are camera, shy, when confronted with people who understand what is going on.

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You have to keep in mind that Sam and Andrew and Tom are inundated with emails from around the world and can't possibly respond to them all. I know that Andy has someone who handles emails for him, and she can't respond to many of them. Personally I think the best thing is for people to ignore Steve on this issue, as he's on record admitting that he simply relies on other people's opinions! Who cares what he thinks or says? Also if you look deeper into Steve, you will find links to Rockefellers and such, and he promotes pharma products, and has been blatantly disingenuous regarding the no-virus issue as shown in your quote above. He had his chance to engage and ran away, twice. I personally wouldn't want to feed his platform in any way and don't think anyone should rely on his opinion/claims but do their own research.

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Thank you for sharing this Christine and sorry I spelled your name wrong in my post. How sad our world can be. I'm happier now though that I unsubscribed from SK's bs a while back. When reading his junk it's so easy to see when someone is full of it.

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Nov 7, 2022·edited Nov 7, 2022

Kirsch just posted a substack on the BU "GOF" variant to which I posted a retort in the comments about a week ago I think. I suggested he study the subject more thoroughly and interview Sam and Mark and some of our other favorite anti-virus warriors. Additional comments piled on to his post might help the cause. Thanks.

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Got to love the "variants".. I am sure NONE of these guys have read the seminal papers - if they had they would see what gibberish they are..

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If you weren't even prettier than Ingrid Bergman, this would have made me cringe far too much to be able to watch. And looking at your beautiful face kind of balanced my sadness at looking at RFK Jr.'s.

Anyway, it was fun seeing you on the poster for such a great movie. (PS - I'm a hetero woman.)

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I agree a 100%, but I was disappointed there was no disco dancing.

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Another great video from Dr. Sam. Until the germ theory is put to bed, these psychopaths will continue to peddle their fear porn (aka the dark theory of contagion)..

I write songs on the subject of medical tyranny. My latest is called "The Dish," which deals with fraud in virology. Lyrics can be found on the Soundcloud song page: https://soundcloud.com/turfseer/the-dish

All my songs can be found under The Scamdemic Collection here: https://soundcloud.com/turfseer/sets/scamdemic-collection

And check out these music videos:

CHURCH OF THE PANDEMIC MIND. There’s a new church in town!


TRUST THE SCIENCE RAG. “Doctor” Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton join forces to remind us “Trust the Science” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szPvXq8UXGU

1692 WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR. The mainstream Covid narrative is compared to the Salem Witchcraft trials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx8keLopGIM

POD PEOPLE BARBECUE. Aliens take over peoples’ bodies and turn them into mask-wearing zombies


SHEEPLE UNIVERSITY. The people graduate “with honors” at mass conformity Sheeple University


THE COMMANDANT. Welcome to internment camps for the unvaccinated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SR9L-TRmfs

All music videos can be found here on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvrDA-UtzN9zSEsaUJ5mvG-zfekakATKJ

Subscribe to Turfseer's Newsletter on Substack.

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"Until the germ theory is put to bed, these psychopaths will continue to peddle their fear porn" -- truth. And people will continue to fall for it.

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Thank you. Dr. Sam, have you run across any "transmission" trials done by anyone? They were performed in at least one Army Hospital in 1918 and they could not transmit the SF "virus" to a healthy subject.. In 2020 or 2021 I read about a trial to be done in Boston but have no idea how it turned out. I have an idea they performed the trial but buried it.

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No transmission.

No isolation unless you accept their 1984 version of the word isolation, i.e. doublespeak

No valid test because they have no 'thing' to test for. The PCR does not test for virus, it only indicates if a short sequence exists

No exponential growth in cases

All cause mortality tells us what is happening is caused by human decisions and activity, a virus would not know or respect a state/country boundary

No Gain of Function. We can't enhance the function of something that doesn't exist.

What do they have? Gain of Fiction. A story about germ feary. If enough of us treat it as a fairytale, it all falls down.

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If they had a successful transmission study, I am sure it would have been paraded around by at least one of Kennedy, Bigtree or Kirsch.


The problem for the germ fearists is that in order to transmit something, you have to have something to transmit. That's where their story falls. They cover it up by labeling other conditions as viral.

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A great annotated list of studies failing to demonstrate contagion: https://lordchewy.medium.com/exposing-the-contagion-myth-bf47cf0e3aee

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Sanjoy. This is the proof I have been looking for. Just like the old Shell game. Look here, not there. Or maybe it's: Look into my eyes - you are now under my spell.

Mattias Desmet proposes some interesting ideas to contemplate however I prefer to keep it simple. By combining all the dastardly tricks pulled on mankind throughout the ages, by evil people, the whole world was hypnotized. Not so much the freedom loving masses but the appointed and self-appointed leaders who envisioned a way to wrest more control.

My determination to seek out the truth was taught to me by the wisest man who ever lived when he said: "Pray without ceasing."

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Another one (or three) is the three-part series by Mike Stone:


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Sam Harris named one of the four horsemen who allegedly according to his own ego has one of the highest IQ on the planet believes in viruses and encourages everyone to take the covid shots , he has bought in to his own bullshit so when he believes something it has to be true don’t question the science as most of those virologist and scientists are like me a high functioning individual with a extremely high IQ

I do despair the human species if it were not for people like the Bailey’s Cowan , Kaufman, Lanka, the Perth group etc I really would be isolated ( pun intended)

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Noted. I may continue the slog on here as he gets lots of thinking people reading his stuff - might turn the odd person. Really all we can do is chip away until the house of cards falls. Anyway, really great to interact with you - your contribution is so important - thank you.

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Another excellent video, Sam. What are you views on the idea that the Covid shots include AI parasites, and Dr Brian Ardis' view on the inclusion of many snake venoms, eg on AustraliaOne Party - AustraliaOne Update. Interview with Dr Bryan Ardis and Riccardo Bosi (rumble.com)

Cheers, Peter Senior

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