All totalitarian states fail without exception. The drivers are fundamentally flawed lacking substance or moral values they accumulate detritus to themselves as a superficial but inherently weak defence. Its more of a how long can I keep going? before I am found out? It is baroque,grandiose and immature. Not realising that we are immortal they act as if they are invincible. Its all a charade!

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The state is the enemy. I am an anarchist in as much as it actually means NO RULERS. We can have leaders but they can have NO executive power . That must lie with the people in all cases . DECENTRALISE.

Love this woman’s way of thinking . Especially because the message is enveloped in the sweetest blonde blue eyed package . Hats off , gents .

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Thank you Team Sam - for continuing with the reminders - how quickly we (are predisposed to) forget and it was only 5 minutes ago - here in OZ - that we were under Marshal Law and Vaxx mandates - No Jab No Job policies State and Federal. V for Vendetta - ViVa the ReVolution - as for Sleepy Joe when he speaks he seems to have part of his Sinus cavity missing - perhaps his son's Cocaine fetish might be inherited?

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Very nice video of W.D.'s article - thanks! People might like to know that as well as still contributing to Winter Oak (he has just started a ten-essay series on egalitarian anti-modernism - https://winteroak.org.uk/2023/10/06/was-jerusalem-builded-here-an-exploration-of-egalitarian-anti-modernism-part-1/) W.D. now also has a Substack: https://wdjames.substack.com/ Please do follow him!

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The state is arbitrary in its conception. Its dwells in the minds of the creatures who conceived of it and the minds of the dupes that believe that it exist.

It is a pack of wolves ruling sheep. It is organized crime.

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I think here in NZ state worshipping is predominant, many people live on state handouts, and so ( as Perigo was saying to those that were listening years ago) as soon as there is a problem the people ask the government to sort it out for them. It's a problem and not one that's going to go away in my lifetime. There has been a wakeup call with the scamdemic , the utter disdain for the populace from those on their pedestals in Wellington is obvious to many now.

I decided to have a meeting with the local mayor recently, to eyeball him and to express my disappointment in the goings on of late, the segregation and shaming. I came away unsatisfied naturally. What I did learn is that he was an unremarkable man, quite dim, without a backbone, a spoilt well connected dimwit. It's probably true of most of them.

I hate a boss, that does not mean I'm irresponsible, quote the opposite actually.

Yet people in general love and reach out for leaders, it's the norm...I'm abnormal.

Don't be surprised to see a coalition of labour Nats as a result after the 14th!

The state must reign Supreme over the obedient minions.

As for myself. I'm out. I'll go and live out my life in a more locally corrupted country, where I can throw some pesos around and I'll be left alone for a bit...and where I'm not subjected to images and reports of Jacinda and her ilk living the high life in exotic places on my dime

I hate government with a passion. ( Lower case intended)

To finish my rave, I was linked to a YouTube doco called hypernormalisation made in 2016..it's well worth watching. The governments hold no real power and have lost the plot, their real bosses are the bankers and corporations, for their ' constituents' they can only manage perception from here on out.

Thank you again Dr Sam and fam

A voice of sanity and reason in the swirling crap we swim in. Wish there were more like you.

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The State is like the collective ego with its desire to master(control) .

The ego does not care if it harms or destroys its host.

The State never tells the public of the war it wages against it.

The only reason it has " authority" is that it is given , and the the reason it is given is fear .

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”H.L. Mencken

The false premise that you cant govern yourself.

If you are in fear the State promises safety .

The reset is about fear

So it is primary our inner state and that we choose love to make that change from being lead by the world and it unconsciousness to being lead by our inner wisdom( our Self).

Choosing love is Self mastery as that is who we are, not this wretched slave of the phantom fear (State).

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I just love the depth of research that’s being put in these videos. This one woke me up from the fake democracy narrative which I was struggling to decode. Thank you both. Not only the virus is bogus but democracy and the State as well!

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Thank you Dr Sam Bailey, very informative and educational.

I remind myself that whenever I point a finger, three point back at me!

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Another excellent presentation. I vividly remember in school being presented with the historical concept of "the divine right to rule". Even as a youngster I thought that was an absurd concept. Yet through the ages there has seemingly always been a tiny minority who passionately believe they have that right. But what is more disturbing is the delusional majority who believe the same. Larkin Rose poses the the simple question: is an individually born with the inherent right to rule over another?". If your answer is no, then how can you rationally explain government (to rule the mind)? A group of people coming together to empower others with a power they themselves do not possess...

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Brilliant thanks for putting this up.

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I'm really glad to see you cite Winter Oak. It is an overall excellent website, even if it generally appears to accept the core ideology of virology (while unequivocally rejecting authoritarian state measures). Its publication The Acorn offers lots o interesting material, such as this from the most recent issue.


1. For a digital dismantling!

A leading French mathematics professor has called for all research on AI to be halted and for the digital world to be dismantled. Professor Romain Couillet describes his remarkable personal turn-around, at the age of 40, in an interview in the September 2023 issue of the real-green real-life newspaper La Décroissance.

Thanks very much, Dr Bailey!!

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Some 'truthers' persist in promulgating the falsehood that something changed in early 2020, that our goal should be to get back to pre-covid normality, a time before democratic, liberal governments went insane. That this is nonsense is clear from a reading of this brilliant essay by W. D. James.

The state was conceived as a weapon against its citizens, and promoted as such by spokespeople like Hobbes. Developments such as democracy, republics, the vote, etc., were merely tactics introduced to persuade the people that their opinions mattered.

The late Irish-born economist, Raymond Crotty, recognised the sinister nature of the state. His working title for his posthumously-published book, When Histories Collide, was the much more apposite, Our Enemy the State.

The good news is that the state can only function at all when citizens defer to it. It derives its legitimacy from popular support. One consequence of the covid-scam is that more and more people are withdrawing their support for the state. This can include not voting, not watching TV, etc. There are still things we have to do or we'll end up in court. So don't break the law but otherwise boycott politicians and other 'leaders'. Don't listen to what they say and don't follow what they do. Just ignore them - they hate that.

It can't be long now before states fall around the world and people can at last be free and happy - if they want to!

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You folks love government. You love appointing a master. All of you who participated in democracy knew full well that these pathetic masters you appointed as scapegoats would be "disappointing." The whole point of democratism is to have a "leader" to blame.

It was fine when your democratism hurt distant others. Now it's coming home. How's that workin out for you? You pretend to be all "surprised" because they invented viruses to attack you? That's comical. You're still looking for a pretend master to blame. Kelly Brogan knows better but even she won't challenge Sam on this. You challenge democratism, you lose followers.

For fifty years I've talked with you democratists alone, individually, often over a beer, and you fully admit that democracy is nonsense, just as all forms of leaderville are nonsense. But in groups, you lie together. You pretend leaders exist. You pretend there's an emperor, clothed or otherwise. Nevertheless I have known you individually. I remember.

If you were genuinely curious, you would have found me (David Ker Thomson, Dr. David Thor, etc.) long ago. More to the point, if you were genuinely curious, you would have found yourself.

There is no master. Never was. Find yourself. But you already know that.

Now back to the usual comments under Sam's videos blaming the usual pretend masters.

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Oops I meant mortal

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theology without christ is a lost cause thomas hobbes and your jesuit connection...? the vatican see is the terrorist organisation, axis of evil.

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