I have respect for Dr Peter McCullough as an internist cardiologist, but I found his opinion on his peers fairly condescending.

I have full respect and admiration for The Baileys, Dr Stefan Lanka, Dr Kevin Corbett, The Perth Group, etc. (too many to individually name).

They have been mistreated, mocked and maligned for their hard core facts and “science“.

All of you, keep up your amazing work. You are doing us all proud.

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I have much admiration for Dr Peter McCullough, BUT was shocked to hear him state that the so called vaccines were not causing cancers !!! I am a retired nurse/ midwife this is typical of a doctor unable to see past his own speciality

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Medicine is an over-rated profession.

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Really good and informative video.

Many of the (so-called) “heroes” and “leaders” of the health & freedom movement are agents of chaos and are deceivers and are actually working from within the movement to bolster the pharmaceutical industry.

These “heroes” and “leaders” are toxic to one’s mind. I have contempt for them and I condemn them, regardless of the (so-called) “good work” many claim that they are doing in warning people away from the toxic shots.

Shots, fraudulently called “vaccines”, have ALWAYS been toxic.

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I want list some of the controlled opposition/gate keeper scientists out there that everyone should beware of:

Peter McCullough, RFK JR, Judy Mikovits, Rashid Buttar, Shiva Ayyadurai, Big Tree, David Martin, Jordan Peterson, Michael Yeadon, Steve Kirsch and etc. These people are not simply mistaken about the existence of viruses, they are being paid by some sinister forces to promote the lie that viruses exist.

And so-called vaccines are nothing but toxic chemicals (LNP, etc) and nanometals and graphene.

Look at how mercury and aluminum react to each other (just two of the many adjuvants in the vaccines) and imagine that in you blood stream.

Aluminum and Mercury Cool Science Experiment


I understand why alchemists thought mercury was magical:

“When mercury is added to aluminum, it forms an amalgam (a mercury alloy). Aluminum is normally protected by a thick oxide layer, but the formation of the amalgam disrupts it. It allows fresh aluminum to react with air to form white aluminum oxide. As the oxide grows, it forms as these cool white fibers.”

No "vaccine" has ever proven effect or safe. Our bodies immune systems don't work that way injecting pathogens directly into the system bypasses every safe guard our immune systems use.

As I have been telling folks for years about the vaccines:

If you think the risk of taking the vaccine is worth it, just remember once that needle goes in your arm there is no going back, no changing your mind, no refunds no returns.



The Federal Communications Commission chairman said "corporate profits" were more important than health safety. More specifically, chairman of the FCC, says the potential for billions of dollars in revenue to US telecom corporations justifies rolling out 5G without testing for possible health hazards. Tom Wheeler really says that — and much more you will not like. Prior to being appointed by President Obama, Wheeler worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry, holding positions including president of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association. As is customary for FCC chairmen, he resigned when President Trump’s administration began. This is a classic example of what is called regulatory capture, which means the companies being regulated by government have captured the agencies that regulate them.

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But Dr McCullough was wearing a white lab coat - how can we question him now?

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When people try to fortify their arguments with nothing but their credentials and achievements and ridicule of the opposite claim, I get suspicious . To convince me I would suggest actual evidence to back up their claims...... I'm a bit funny that way. Somewhat old fashioned , I guess. Nothing more boring and USEFUL than the annoying people asking questions incessantly until proven wrong or right. Well , except the useless ones that don't simply answer the questions.

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Germ theory doctors etc know that if the edifice to this theory crumbles the question may arise as to why we need doctors at all.

When through eating correctly, moderate exercise, sunshine, fresh air, pure water and fasting we can cure ourselves without the need for allopathic intervention.

There are only two things that come to mind immediately where external help is required and that is in the treatment of a traumatic experience i.e. a fracture and relief from the pain.

Maybe it would be a good time to brush up on your orthopedic trauma skills.

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I am not ready to imply that Peter McCullough has some hidden, dark, nefarious mindset that is no better than those in the death cult. I've detected, via their writings, that many of the germ theory proponents use the term "virus" as a sort of catch-all for a mystical entity that causes, x, y, and z. My wife is a researcher in the biological/medical field and we have many a discussion, putting it mildly, on this germ theory brouhaha. When it's your spouse, the task is doubly difficult to remain composed during the heat and fury of those discussions. Dr Mac shows a kind of what I call the "one crop economy" mien. It's very human to get so proficient in one discipline that one feels omniscient whereby the same person feels this proficiency is like steel cladding. One feels bullet proof.

Yeadon has postulated that viruses don't exist, but Dr David Martin has done great sleuthing work on the various patents that the patent holders have gotten regarding the SARS situations. Martin's phenomenal speech at the recent Strasbourg conference should very clearly show all that he's on the right side of this massive issue.

I don't agree that we just merely gang up and attack people that are not in the know. That, to me, would show our shortsightedness and lack of maturity, humanity, and makes us look like guilty parties that have said unkind things about people that just need remedial lessons in biology, germ vs. terrain, and our understanding and empathetic cooperation. The realizations that things are not as they seem to some people should not be detrimental to our measured and studied wishes to help non-believers with their science.

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Thank you Sam , Mark and team .

The full impact of your work is only now beginning to penetrate my exhausted but recovering, brain.......as I remember more and more details of my own personal and professional experience .

May God continue to guide us through this odyssey .

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Given how many times McCullough has been revealed to be a know nothing who still believes and still pushes the con job "Pandemic"/"COVID-19"/"SARS CoV-2" disinformation narrative, i have a hard time understanding why he has ANY credibility left.

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Dr. Larry Palevski mentioned once in his weekly "Critical Thinking" podcast with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny that he was on a panel with Dr. McCullough at a gathering in (I believe) Minnesota last winter, during which this topic was raised, and Dr. P made his case for the "anti-germ theory" argument (which, if you've heard him make it, is quite concise in summing up everything the Bailey's/Cowan/Lanka/etc talk about), and-- by Dr. P's account, as the event apparently wasn't recorded-- McCullough's response was something along the lines of 'well, if that is true then everything in modern medicine will need to be re-examined'.

Almost immediately afterwards, it seemed McCullough doubled-down in his "pro-germ theory" rhetoric when appearing on recorded public platforms/podcasts/events/etc. I suspect he's well-aware of the legitimacy of the "anti-germ theory" case but is too entrenched in alternative agendas. There's a document available in Dr. Amandha Vollmer's Telegram channel showing McCullough's many ties to the 'Big-Medicine' industry and well-connected funding for his endeavors. (EDIT: it wasn't ADV who wrote the document but a person named 'Omar Jordan' of the "DarksidePapers" channel, though I found it on ADV's channel... Uploaded PDF LINK here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qhnze8adU_rFGChJQxs2uJAhqwPQXYRC/view?usp=drive_link)

McCullough is a lost cause on this, folks.

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I dont understand the comments for admiration and respect in any way for "Dr" Peter Mc whatever. A man is not judged by bits of pieces of himself but as a whole. He is a liar for promoting viruses and drugs. I wouldnt trust him and I wouldnt ask for his services, ever.

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It amuses me to see the controlled opposition trying to make out that those who know Germ theory has been falsified and stand up for the truth are somehow behaving reprehensibly by 'splitting' the freedom movement. There is NO freedom movement. There are people who want to know the truth and those who don't. I am an individual whose goal in life is to determine the truth and to disseminate it. If McCullough is wrong I will tell him to his face, if I were ever to meet him. Personally, I think he knows Germ theory is BS but he is a snake. I am entitled to this opinion and no one is going to guilt trip me into keeping my mouth shut just to preserve the unity of the 'freedom' movement.

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Looking through this batch of comments (107 of them as I write), I have the impression that a successful divide-and-conquer strategy is at work.

WE are the problem. Not "them". Our expectations of others far exceed our expectations of ourselves. Left uncorrected, this is a fatal error.

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Many thanks Mark and Sam. I have yet to view the video but I would like to let you know I have engaged people on Peter McCullough & John Leake's substack, Courageous Discourse. I am a not a doctor yet I managed to work things out in 2 months solid research in 2020, realising that virology was fundamentally flawed and all so-called viral diseases were in essence false in cause.

Doctors, even those largely ostracised by the mainstream, have still too much of themselves invested in the lies.

Nevertheless, what he does is to raise awareness in many of the deceits of vaccines, even if only the so-called COVID 19 vaccines. For many people this is the first time they have questioned the issue, and that is a great deal more than has been the case for too long. It provides a base for further discussion with those who understand the full issues.


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