I hadn't intended to watch this as I thought I wasn't that interested in mercury poisoning but then I did - just such an eye opener. Made me think of all the poisons we have been exposed to over our lifetimes - thinking here of the 65+ - and how unaccountable anyone has been for anything. We think accountability is a "thing" but really its not. People make decisions that impact our lives and then 50 years down the track no one is around to pick up the pieces. In fact pretty much no one even knows that anything untoward happened.

A comment that I feel mean about making regarding these videos but am going to make nevertheless - please can you not add all those images that add nothing to the interview. It seems to have become a fad that every time a noun is pronounced in a video that an illustration of the noun is added - as if we don't recognise the word hair or fish or calendar or clock unless we have a picture of it alongside the spoken words. I find it intrusive when following along with someone's dialogue. I am more than happy just to watch the person saying the words.

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