I have been doing intermittent fasting for a couple of years now and besides the health benefits, the thing I love about it so much is that I am not a slave to my hunger any more. When I want to work a bit longer in the garden before taking my meal, it is fine. Delay eating with another two or three hours? It is fine. I eat when I want and because I eat one or two meals a day, I figured I save so much money, I feel perfectly fine with buying expensive food items. As L'Oréal would say, 'Because I am worth it' but then in this version it is without all the L'Oréal carcinogens to create a fake persona, it is because my body is worth being healthy!

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So far, 13 fasts between 7 and 17 days. Just finished a 10 day water fast this January. It improves thinking and seems to have turned back the clock a little on aging. Brain benefits are noticeable. I don't find it difficult. Hunger isn't a problem. I'm chronically hungry on a high carb diet, but rarely hungry while fasting. But, I sometimes miss the habit of eating.

I take nutritional yeast toward the end of the fast and on my last fast I had one ounce of apple cider vinegar in water per day. Protein is the only thing we must have in our diets. I confine my normal diet to fruits and meat. Beware of plant defense chemicals in leaves, stems, and seeds; I consider that a source of dietary toxin.

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This topic is so interesting. I fasted once for about a week, but it was due to stress -- having an ill child. I was shocked that I could function without the daily meals I assumed were critical. My mind was incredibly sharp, and I spent days and nights thinking, trying to figure out what to do. (The GAPS Diet for 10 months was the solution.) Thank you for your wonderful videos and new Terrain Therapy book. I have read through it twice already. Two of my children had fevers last week, and I just kept giving them filtered water, cool wash cloths for their forehead, smiled and rubbed their backs and told them their bodies knew what to do. I told my teenager that the Tylenol was in the cabinet in case she needed it but I thought her body was smarter than Tylenol. She said 'I know it's bad for me' and chose not to take any. Something that I have not thought about until recently -- with this change in paradigm, children no longer see the parents scared about their health. Instead, they see confidence that the child will be fine, even if they feel terrible -- and that their body is 'ill' on purpose, not making a mistake.

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Hi Sam, what are your views about regular fasting to promote good health? Some people recommend to fast 1 day per week. Some Christians also believe this is a good practice although they say bread only can be eaten on the day of fasting.

I think you will be interested in this short video, it describes how the term 'fasting' was removed from Bibles printed after 1960, it also gives details about Christian fasting: https://rumble.com/v1xyfo8-astonishing-bibles-after-1960-withheld-best-weapon-against-satan.html

Thanks again, best wishes from Simon and Adina.

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I have been fasting for years as well, especially when i feel under the weather. I find change of season the best time to do 4-7 days on water alone. An excellent resource is the Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung M.D. (don't hold that against him!). Many diabetics and pre-diabetics have benefitted from the technique and his story is illuminative.

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Thank you Dr. Sam Bailey for bringing up our Savior Jesus in your discussion. Ultimately our health is in the hands of our God. We ultimately get sick and die due to man’s original sin. But God provided a means for us to help control our disease, and one of those ways is through fasting. I have looked into Scripture to see if God’s Word provides the answer of whether we are created as contagious to each other. Click the link. God Bless


Also Dr. Jordan Grant gave a couple of speeches on the subject at a church conference..

Science, Pseudoscience, and The Germ Theory of Disease - Dr. Jordan Grant



The Philosophy of Modern Medicine - Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference)


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As a long-term faster I am of the firm belief that a handful of nutritious food every OTHER day is ample sufficiency for an adult. A little more if working under physical stress.

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An important aspect of food and diet that most doctors and nutritionists never mention is the difference between light and heavy foods. Instead of fasting as a therapeutic treatment (which most people unsurprisingly find difficult) a light diet can be followed for weeks on end bringing similar benefits. Really useful for people with weak stomach function due to illness or age.

Reducing fat and fibre for a time eases the pressure on stomach and other organs. Raw salads are also heavy due to the uncooked fibres. Gentle soups, breads and fruits, white meats and fish, in smaller quantities or smoothies maintains the satisfaction of tasty snacks without going full fast mode.

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I have been following you since before you started posing about covid. I hope you won't be quoting a lot of scriptures.

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Wonderful video on fasting! Love how you included the way that scripture tells us exactly how and why we should fast. I'm sold and want to continue to delve more into this. I know it will greatly benefit me both in my Christian faith as well as my health. Thank you and God bless.

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Excellent, brilliant, perfectly put together., thank you very much.

It may be of interest to mention my research into sodium nitrite (E250) which always explains some interesting aspects of the nitrogen problem.


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Sorry, Dr. Bailey, another lovely, well done video but an even more seriously flawed presentation. Allergies and gout have been with humanity for millennia, even preceding Jesus Christ. As with mainstream American medicine for most of the past century, you didn't factor-in Dr. Arthur F. Coca's (my) kind of practically harmless individual subclinical non-IgE-mediated food allergy reactions or, for more than a half century, US FDA approved food poisoning (common allergen soy, since the late 1960s and MSG, since 1980; minimally), going/gone global with the Western Diet. Again, I believe, the problem is that while the individual allergy reactions are practically harmless they are easily turned chronic and deadly dangerous (long-term, months to decades, highly individual) with too frequent ingestion and/or toxic food additives (especially added 'cultured-free' MSG which can cross the blood/brain barrier). To my "experience-based" (as opposed to mere "evidence-based" medicine) the most obvious symptoms are rapid pulse and palpitations (Afib?). Until 1980 mere overnight fasting was sufficient to keep me and, statistically, tens of millions of other Americans relatively healthy, with the US obesity/diabetes epidemic presenting by 1990 (CDC/NCHS data). As to lab testing, the most obvious factor is a high serum level of uric acid (gout), with calcium deficiency (Alzheimer's, depression, joint failures and osteoporosis, minimally) likely long-term. The link to Dr. Coca's book for lay readers (expired copyright and available free online from a neighbor next door to you 'down under'): https://soilandhealth.org/wp-content/uploads/02/0201hyglibcat/020108.coca.pdf

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Ive been using intermitted fasting now for a few months (7pm - 12pm) and experienced an improvement in my exercise output, digestion, mood and cognition. As a result I have significantly lowered my body fat percentage and maintained a new "normal" weight. Breakfast is no longer wanted or craved and the urge to eat in the morning has totally gone. I highly recommend anyone try this simple daily "mini-fast" as it is achievable with minimum discomfort on the body and the adaption and benefits are felt almost immediately.

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Great video. So many need this knowledge now. I will share it with many.

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THANK you for that "Subject matter of Fasting..." really important!

Why do I "FAST," well for the "health of it!" I've been on 3 ...40 day live juice fasts. 10 ... 10 day fasts and 3 days a week for 9 months fast.

I've been also "fasting" by not eating any ANY meat, fish or foul, such as "ALL meat" for 51 Years.

And went completely vegan 11 years ago, even tho I quite milk, and eggs 51 years ago after working in a dairy, a meat packing corporation, and repairing chicken coups! UCK!

And the WAY all animals are treated, even those grown by "organics," or NON GMOS, are still "disgusting, to state the least," since they are **slaughtered!**

And their "UN-Digestible parts" are "parted" out to herbivores whom with a just a totally "FALSE belief," only think they are capable of digesting meat, or any animal products!

BUT since those who are pushing the "100% Fake Patented Poison Potions, whom pretend are "vaccines," are also the real things, also want "people" SICK, via their FALSE 5 Food Groups, LIES!

And yes, it is most all of the "Modern Medical Profession" whom do NOT "HEAL," at all, but only "TREAT" so they get repeat "business," on their other man-made-up-manipulated symptoms, of other man-manipulated death!

My....Suggestion is . . . to have Dr. Montgomery of the "Montgomery Health Institute," of Huston, Tx... on you EXCELLENT "media of truth" outlet!

Again thank you Dr. Sam and Side kicker! LOL!

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