Thank you for spreading the truth, Dr Sam Bailey!

I know we are in minority (now), but the truth will prevail, eventually..

Please keep up the good work, don't give up!

Nothing less than future of mankind is at stake here. As long as the virus fraud exists, we will be susceptible to toxic injections and 'measures' to contain the 'virus' from spreading..

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Dr. McCullough is still mightily confused... or something. You'd think he would have learned his lesson all those other times he cited blatant pseudoscience and was publicly called out. Good of you to try to straighten him out, Sam. He almost seems a lost cause.

Oh look, a website with handy summaries of the $$ received by various MDs from pharma, etc.

And here is the entry for PETER A MCCULLOUGH (335114):


Communications with Peter McCullough and other freedom advocates

Earth to Dr. McCullough – November 15, 2021:


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Nov 20, 2022·edited Nov 20, 2022

Never did feel McCullough was coming from a position of authenticity. A deceitful, two faced, corrupt buffoon just playing his part in this fictitious, moronic clown show. Thanks for exposing another swindler Sam & Mark ❤️.

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Mr Mc finishes his article with..... "So, the next time someone at a cocktail party says “COVID-19 is a hoax, the virus has never been isolated,” show them some of these works of art!"

'Works of art' ... testimony to the personal subjectivity of the man, and his 'make -believe' ethos...applied to himself, aired to others....

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LOL. It turns out that only PAID SUBSCRIBERS are allowed to comment on Dr. Peter McCullough's electron microscopy post. That is absolutely pathetic. Talk about preaching to the choir. LOL again.

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McCullough is obviously deceiving his readership. Not cool. That article was asking for a response. Thank you

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With all the papers Dr. Peter's written and all the bragging he's does about those papers, it should be simple for him to ask for control groups, understand about cell cultures and EM photos, and put the evidence out on the table. Because he doesn't, and I don't question his intelligence, it is obvious he's working for the Man. Probably many years of shameless huckstering for Pharma but he could also be threatened or extorted, we don't know.

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Is easy to manipulate people with something that can not be seen or feel into "we see something and we belive that is what we say it is". I read the interview of Luc Montagnier (that was something, I recomand it to everyone, he took a nobel award, it worth to know for what and why) about hiv virus and perth arguments and since then it looks very suspicious that nobody debate this when now it was the right time for clearing the "viruses" topic once for ever , the connections between the what they think it is and the deseases which have never been proved, the bioweapens and the gray science ...but for sure great interests and a history factory are on the table, so no wonder. Btw, I am not a fanatic anti whatever, I am just an ordinary person who looks for the the common sense and truth. I so wish this histeria and all the lies to end yesterday and we to do the right things and move along with our lives, otherwise we will simply destroy ourselves and everything and will never be replaced with something better.

Dr McCullough, Malone and some others occupied the scene of the events now just for the Sour Power to be sure that the main subjects are not taken out of the books and narative, that Viruses remain viruses, vaccines remain vaccines, drugs remain drugs, pharma industry role remain same, the need for rules remain the same and they did a pretty good job.

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Not the first time for McCullough. He was prominently featured in the first chapter of RFK Jr's book about Fauci, titled "A Mismanaged Pandemic," along with Doctors Malone and Kory, pushing for "alternative treatments" and taking official "COVID" death numbers at face value. Thanks for pushing back against the likes of him, Sam!

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They always fail to understand the fact that all scientific experiments require the independent variable isolated AND verified of its existence BEFORE an experiment takes place. Nobody can conduct scientific experiments just under the assumption that the alleged "virus" they think is there is actually there, they need to confirm it via isolation and verification. Since they have never confirmed the existence of any alleged "virus" BEFORE any scientific experiment has taken place then technically they can't even claim that they have conducted a scientific experiment where the "virologists" are only doing pseudo-scientific work by definition.

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Japanese Drs are also not immune to pseudoscience. See this shown on prime-time TV in 2021: "Corona infected cells disintegrating on 8k light microscopy".

Full Report


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The illusion of knowledge , or simply believing is what the world population are engaging in, however knowing and understanding can occur if you do your own due diligence, criticality think, analyse, evaluate and research extensively.

It takes time and patience, you have to be prepared at times to not be able to draw a conclusion or embrace a view that can challenge your current perspective.

I can not challenge the no virus no contagion understanding, trust me I have tried but all the science points to the fraud and deception called viruses.

Without getting in to this to much there are very many reasons why the globalists and by extension the medical industrial complex want the populous to live in fear of viruses and becoming infected by one.

The proof of viruses does not come from simple acceptance they exist.

The alt media and the so called freedom groups are afraid to consider the virus deception and that makes them hypocrites, many have wrote best sellers that include viruses in there story lines , how difficult it is to walk back from that.

However I predict slowly but surely they will jump ship at some point most will do so very quietly.

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I can't believe the comments here attacking this great man.

Yes, it is obvious he is in the 'covid is real' camp, but that's because of his medical background. He obviously hasn't gone down the route Dr. Bailey took.

However this does not make Dr. McCullough a bad person - in fact the opposite is true.

He was one of the earliest out there publicly trying to stop the vaccines as well as exposing how the medical establishment were killing people by not allowing early treatment and simply sticking patients on ventilators. He has done his best to try to save lives and stop the vaccines.

He's already under heavy attack from the medical institutes having had his medical license revoked.

Although he still believes in viruses causing disease, he is not on 'their' side as such, and needs our support. He should not be attacked from this side of the fence too!

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You are an inspiration, thank you. We will get there. The emperor has no clothes.

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Thank Christ for Drs Mark & Sam Bailey. What a dynamic duo!

Keep at 'em, Sam... You and Mark are guardians of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So, help me God.

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Sam and Mark - the two most awesomenest people in our Kiwi Aus medical perifery.

Two people who defy the lunacy of the lunatic demands.

Why the hell do we not have a Sam and Mark in Australia???????

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