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Dr. Mark Edmond - "My Profession Is Not Scientific."


Dr Mark Edmond is a former Olympic athlete and was a popular family doctor for 18 years in Christchurch and Wanaka, New Zealand. In 2021, he gave up his career as a GP rather than being forced to take the COVID-19 jab and spoke publicly about his decision. The Medical Council came after him and at one point even threatened criminal charges. Now he works as a holistic healthcare consultant, coaching people towards a life full of vigor with autonomy from the allopathic medical system. 

Here is what he said about: 

  • Becoming an Olympic athlete

  • The brutal G-forces on a bobsled

  • How he became a GP

  • Waking up to the problems of allopathy and vaccines

  • Speaking out about COVID-19

  • Attacks by the NZ Medical Council 

  • His awakening to the true cause of illness and becoming a holistic health practitioner

and much more!

Show notes and related videos HERE.

Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey