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Decade of Dissolving Illusions with Roman Bystrianyk


Roman Bystrianyk has been researching the history of diseases and vaccines since 1998. He co-authored the book Dissolving Illusions in 2013 and continues to expose many of the false historical health stories we have all been taught since childhood. I recently interviewed Roman as he prepares the 10th anniversary edition of Dissolving Illusions. As always his research data is impeccable and now he has turned his attention to the inconsistencies of germ theory as well.

Here is what he said about: 

  • how the book Dissolving Illusions came about

  • his journey of awakening

  • problems with germ theory

  • polio, smallpox and the white plague

  • his health recommendations

  • censorship and vaccine laws

and much more!

Show notes and related videos HERE.

Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Sam Bailey